2018 Trashformer Program Progress

2018 Trashformer Program Progress


During the next 12 weeks, you can learn more about the Trashformers and track their progress as they cleanup litter from streets, sidewalks, bushes and roadsides by visiting the WEBSITE or watching for updates on FACEBOOK.


Polar Bear Beach


The Trashformers will be tracking the following information this summer:

• Number of garbage bags filled with litter and debris
• The weight of these materials removed from our streets and public areas


The trashformers will also be compiling data on the following litter items listed below during this season’s program:

Refundable items
Fast food wrappers
Hot drink cups
Cold drink cups
Cigarette packages
Cigarettes butts
Sharps (needles)


Odd or unusual items that they locate throughout the community will also be highlighted each week as the Trashformers begin the task of cleaning up litter.

The 2018 Trashformer team started to pick up litter from CBRM Streets and Public Areas on Monday, May 28, 2018. They will continue this work until Friday, August 17, 2018.