Cape Breton better served by an expanded CBC: Clarke

June 18, 2014

SYDNEY, NS - Cape Breton would be better served if the reach of CBC Cape Breton was expanded, not reduced says Mayor Cecil Clarke.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality's mayor wrote to the President of CBC to suggest that the whole island would benefit from a larger coverage area for CBC Cape Breton's Sydney broadcast.

CBC Cape Breton is expected to lose two staff positions in a cost-cutting measure by the Crown corporation.

Clarke wrote to CBC President Hubert LaCroix and noted that parts of Cape Breton are not served by CBC Cape Breton, but instead by CBC Halifax.

"I believe the western side of Cape Breton Island would be better served to be part of the listening audience of CBC Cape Breton," wrote Clarke. "I hope you will look at this matter in a different way and consider growing the capacity of CBC Cape Breton, rather than weakening its position."

Clarke suggested that strengthening the signal on the western side of the island would further enhance CBC Cape Breton's reach.

"It's a sensible move that better aligns with the self-identification of the listening audience," Clarke wrote.

A rally in support of the CBC was held at the boardwalk area beside City Hall on Friday, May 30. Participants at the rally called upon the CBC President to reconsider the changes.

The letter from the Mayor is here.