2019 Divert NS Champion of the Environment Scholarship

Champion of the Environment Scholarship 2019


Are you a Grade 12 student in Nova Scotia, who has demonstrated a commitment to the environment?


Divert NS is offering seven scholarships to students who have exemplified leadership in protecting our environment.


$20,000 in Scholarships!

Divert NS is offering the following:

ONE (1) $5,000 provincial scholarship

Six (6) $2,500 regional scholarships

Winners will be announced in JUNE 2019



To be awarded one of the scholarship prizes, your entry must include:


A summary of your recent environmental activities.
• A letter of reference from someone in your school or community.
• A research essay on the issue of reducing waste.
• A contact information form (included in this package)
Submissions must be emailed in PDF or Word format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (preferably one PDF document).


Deadline for submissions: SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019 by midnight.




Summary of Environmental Activities


Submit a summary demonstrating how you have been involved in protecting the environment. Your contribution can be within your school or community and it is not limited to recycling or waste management. Maybe you have been a champion for clean air or water, have helped promote energy efficiency, or organized a community garden or litter clean-up.


Tell us:

• The organization(s) or initiative(s) you are involved in
• How long you have been involved
• Your contribution to the cause
• Maximum 750 words


Letter of Reference

Submit a letter of reference from a member of your school or your community that is familiar with your environmental activities.


A few things to remember:


• Your letter, preferably on letterhead, must be signed by the person providing the reference
• Your reference cannot be a relative
• Maximum 500 words


Research Essay


Submit a research essay focusing on reducing waste in your community.


Now, more than ever, it is easy to recycle. But it is also easier than ever to over-consume. There is a perception that “putting waste in the right bag” is the best thing we can do for the environment-this is actually the bare minimum. We must change our behavior to stop waste before it starts; think about reducing and reusing before recycling or landfilling.

For this essay, choose a local business (e.g. coffee shop, grocery store, retail or manufacturing facility) or community enterprise (e.g. Farmers marker, community hall or co-operative). Investigate the waste they generate in all aspects of their organization, with a focus on plastic and/or food waste. Research initiatives and best practices, locally and abroad, that they could undertake to reduce the amount of plastic and food waste that they are currently recycling or sending to landfill. What barriers could the business/community enterprise encounter when trying to implement these best practices benefit the business/community enterprise as well as the environment.


A few points to note:


1. Your cover page should include your NAME, GRADE, NAME OF SCHOOL and the TITLE OF THE ESSAY
2. You must provide an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Written summaries should be approximately one page in length, double spaced. Summaries are not limited to a written document. Video summaries that are approximately two minutes in length are also encouraged. that is approximately one page in length, double spaced
3. The written essay component must include research and sources cited using APA format
4. Only one author per essay
5. Maximum 1,500 words JUDGING


To download a copy of the Scholarship Package please visit: www.https://divertns.ca/education/scholarship-competition




Divert NS will assemble a judging committee of both internal staff and external partners to review the submissions. Scoring will be based on your Research Essay (40%) and Environmental Leadership (60%).



Research Essay (40%) Environmental Leasdership (60%)
• Creativity and effort
• Accuracy of research
• Organization and clarity of ideas
• Grammar, spelling, and syntax
• Description of activity, including impact on the environment
• Level of leadership/impact
• Letter of reference
• Duration of involvement





• This scholarship competition is open to Grade 12 students in Nova Scotia.

• Entries must be submitted before the closing date of MIDNIGHT on SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019.


The following individuals are not eligible to receive a scholarship:


• Immediate family, or those domiciled with, current and former employees and board members of Divert NS.

• Immediate family, or those domiciled with, employees of the Nova Scotia Environment Solid Waste Resource Management Section.

• Immediate family, or those domiciled with, employees of regional and municipal waste management authorities.

• All entries become the property of Divert NS once they are submitted and may be used for publicity, promotion, marketing, illustration, advertising, web content, and all multi-media materials.

• By accepting a scholarship, the winner authorizes Divert NS to use in any related publicity the winner’s name, city and province/territory of residence, and any statements he/she may make regarding such scholarship for advertising and promotional purposes in any form of media, including the internet.

• Incomplete submissions and submissions with falsified information will be disqualified. The decision to disqualify any submission is at the sole discretion of Divert NS and will occur without notice or communication to the entrant. The disqualification decision is final and not subject to review.


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