Positive statements not backed by financial commitment

CBRM needs province to come to the table sooner than 2014

April 4, 2013

SYDNEY, NS - The Finance Minister's budget address spoke positively of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's five-year capital plan and looked ahead to working with the municipality in 2014, but CBRM officials are disappointed that there is no funding commitment this year.

"A year from now may be too little, too late," said Deputy Mayor Kevin Saccary. "The positive statements are encouraging but our problems are immediate."


Saccary said the municipality is under significant duress in part due to over $7 million in cost pressures put on the municipality by the province.

"It is important that the province come to the table sooner," Saccary continued. "The reality of our economic situation goes beyond infrastructure, it's an economic and job creation issue."

Saccary noted that the federal and provincial governments are mandated with economic development.

"Our capital plan is a way forward, and it's the provincial government that can step up and make a difference for Cape Bretoners without a job right now."