Electronic Voting

Election: e-Voting

Procedures and Forms - Alternative Voting by Telephone and Internet

Frequently Asked Questions re: eVoting

CBRM Council has approved the use of electronic voting (i.e. by telephone and internet) as the only means of voting during the 2020 Municipal and CSAP Elections.  Voting will begin at 8:00 am on Wednesday, October 7th and run 24 hours a day until the close of the polls on Election Day - Saturday, October 17th at 7:00 pm.  There will be no paper ballots during the voting period.  Click here for additional voter assistance information.

Individual Voter Instruction Letters will be mailed to each voter on the Amended Voters’ List during the last week of September and will include a unique personal identification number (PIN). Full details on how to access the system are provided in the Voter Instruction Letter.  

NOTE:  Pursuant to Section 82(1) of the Municipal Elections Act, an elector may vote once for mayor and once for councillor (and once for CSAP if an entitled parent/person).  It is an offence to under the CBRM Alternative Voting By-law to:

  • use another person's PIN to vote or access the system (unless an appointed Friend voter);
  • take, seize or deprive an elector of their PIN;
  • sell, gift, transfer, assign or purchase a PIN.