Who maintains my road?

If you are looking to see who is responsible for snow removal on your road, go to the "Who plows my road?" page.

While every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate, no guarantees for the currency or accuracy of information are made.

What Moves You


The "What Moves You" campaign is an initiative of CBRM's Sustainable Transportation Committee to encourage residents to use walking as a means of transportation. Let us know What Moves You, send us a message on our Facebook page. Keep checking this page and our Facebook page throughout the summer to see more fellow citizens of CBRM who walk as a means of transportation.

2016 Road Construction

2016 Road Construction

Central Division - 2016
Collectors Terrace Street (Bristol to Herbert) Rebuild - Water
  Falmouth Street (George to Esplanade) Recap
  Royal Avenue (Cottage to Terrace) Rebuild
Arterials Spar Road (Ferry to Quinlan) Recap
  Esplanade (Dorchester to Byng) Recap
Local Roads Herbert Street (High to Terrace) Rebuild
  Grey Street (Spruce to Beech) Rebuild
  High Street (St. Peter's to Columbia) Rebuild
  Chestnut Street (Sheriff to Ashby) Rebuild
  Mason Street (Kings to Argyle) Rebuild
  Robert Street (Jamieson to North end) Rebuild
  Lorne Street (Welton to Beech) Rebuild
  Argosy Street (Borden to Manse) Rebuild
  Willow Street (Welton to Vulcan) Rebuild
Gravel Roads Deerfield (Willis to Summerhill) Pave
  Hampton Drive Pave
East Division - 2016  
Collectors York Street (3) - Glace Bay (Newton St to Park St) Rebuild - Water
  Larch Avenue - (Emerald to MacLeod) Rebuild
  St. Ann Street - (Ellsworth to William) Rebuild
  Main Street - Louisbourg (Strath to Wolfe) Recap
Arterials Commercial / South Streets Recap
  Main St - Reserve Mines Waterline
Local Roads Currie Street - (Rockdale to McDonald) Rebuild
  Coady Street - (Rockdale to Hillside) Rebuild
  Devison Lane - (Sterling to #26) Rebuild
  1-B Road - (Connaught to #15) Rebuild
  Maxie Street - (School to Shaft) Rebuild
  MacAulay Street - (Poole to South) Rebuild
  Sunset - (Brooksdside to end) Rebuild
  Prince Street - (Grace to Ling) Rebuild
  13th Street - (Plummer to end) Rebuild
  Ford Street - (Emerald to end) Rebuild
  Beaton Ave - (Acadia to Thompson) Rebuild
  Spruce - (Heelen to Gibbon) Rebuild
Gravel Roads Colin Cr Pave
  Ferryview Dr Pave
  Ryland Court Pave
North Division - 2016  
Collectors Pitt Street (Crescent to Jessome) Recap - Storm Sewer
  Archibald Ave (Comm to Pleasant) Recap
Local Roads Parnell / Amber Street Rebuild - Water
  Stanley Street (Archibald to Blowers) Recap
  McGean Street (Atlantic to Hankin) Rebuild
  Charlotte Street (Brown to Beech) Rebuild
  McInnis Street (Church to Oram) Rebuild

Google Transit Step-by-Step

Google transit

Step-by-Step Instructions

There are several ways to plan a trip using Google Transit. 

1. Get directions from one place to another.

  1. Go to Google Maps and enter your location (i.e. Sydney, NS or Glace Bay, NS).
  2. Click "Directions".
    1. Enter your starting address or bus stop location.
    2. Enter your destination address or bus stop location.
  3. By default, it will show you the route by car. To switch to transit routes, click the transit icon at the top. You could also choose walking or cycling route options.
  4. If necessary, adjust your travel date and time. You can choose to "leave now"or you can pick a different departure date and time.

Notes: If Google needs you to clarify your origin or destination, simply select from the "Did you mean" list provided. If a suitable suggestion is not available try entering the civic address origin/destination. If the map does not suggest a route that works for you, check the transit schedule on this site ( ) to see if there is a better departure time or day for your trip.

2. Plan a trip from a particular stop  (THIS FEATURE IS COMING SOON!)

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Ensure the "Transit" option is selected.
  3. Zoom in to the area where the stop is located.
  4. Click a stop icon for information on routes that service that stop.

From here you can:

  • View upcoming schedule times by clicking on a particular route number. 
  • Get directions from this stop by clicking the "Get directions" link in the lower left hand corner.


CBRM works with Google to provide the most accurate and up to date information possible for the Google Transit Trip Planner. CBRM does not guarantee that the information represented by Google Maps is 100% accurate or up to date and is not responsible for points of interest available within Google Maps. If you cannot find the point of interest you're looking for we recommend you try entering the civic address. If you find a problem or error, contact CB Transit at 902-539-8124.

The Great Cape Breton Clean Up

Social media graphic 2019 clean up 01

Join the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) on May 04, 2019 from 9:00am – 12:00pm for the
Fourth Annual Great Cape Breton Clean Up.

This litter clean-up will take place in all communities across the CBRM.

We’re encouraging companies, organizations, families, and all community members to come out and take part in keeping the CBRM clean. We’d like to see as many people get involved in a BIG way, while challenging others to do the same.

Local CBRM Volunteer Fire Departments will be fully equipped with supplies and fun – call upon your friends, family and co-workers on May 4, and head to your closest Fire Department!

How it works:
• Click below to register online. You can register as an individual or as a team. Fill in your information and select your local Fire Department or hall.
• On May 04, show up at 9 am, grab a pair of gloves, some bags and then we’re off to clean up the community!

Find out more and register online: