Waste Management Reminders


A Preventative Illegal Dumping Reminder


In an effort to reduce and prevent illegal dumping, CBRM Solid Waste is reminding residents that when using the services of another person to remove waste materials from your property, you should remember to always:

  • Request contact information of the person removing the waste materials for you.
  • Properly record the license plate number of the vehicle that is used to haul the materials from your property.
  • Record the date and time the waste materials were removed from your property.
  • Request a copy of the scale slip that is issued to site users once they have disposed of their materials at the Waste Management Facility.

Residents who would like more information on Illegal Dumping or other Waste Management programs in CBRM are encouraged to phone the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337.


Traveling to CBRM's Waste Management Facility with Disposal Materials:  Secure Your Load


It is common to see vehicles traveling on streets, roads or highways hauling materials to CBRM’s Waste Management Facility. However, some drivers may forget to properly secure and/or tarp their materials, which could cause some of their material to fall off along the way. When bringing itemes to one of CBRM’s Waste Disposal Sites please make sure your materials are tied down and or covered before leaving.  Materials from an unsecure load can shift, become loose, move around and fall out of a moving vehicle which becomes a hazard to other drivers, leading to unsightly litter and possibly legal repercussions.

Before you leave to bring your materials to one of CBRM’s Waste Management sites be sure you:

  • Properly tie down or cover materials with a tarp or mesh netting to prevent debris from blowing out of the back of your vehicle while traveling to a disposal site.
  • Place lightweight materials at the bottom of the load instead of at the top.
  • Secure and tied down large items such as mattresses, furniture, appliances or construction debris with rope or bungie cords to prevent them from shifting or sliding off a moving vehicle.
  • Loose items like coffee cups, chip bags or pop cans should be removed or contained inside a bag so it cannot blow out the back of your moving vehicle.
  • Always double check your load to make sure it is completely secure before leaving.