Community Development

Community Development & Volunteer Support

The CBRM Community Development Coordinator works to support our local community and volunteer sectors. This includes:

    • non-profit organizations
    • community groups and incorporated societies
    • group of residents organizing for the first time

We work along side you to help build capacity and overcome barriers in order to effect real change in your neighborhood and community. The way in which we do this is customized to your unique needs.


Do you want to be more effective?

We have toolkits, templates, and resources for a wide variety of needs, such as drafting society by-laws, pitching your idea/project to funders, writing a business plan, and many more.


Do you want to access government resources? 

We can connect your group to the right government department at the right time. You might have a land use question, recreational, or in needing of funding opportunities. Whether your need is a municipal, provincial, or federal matter, we will facilitate that connection to get you on the right track.


Do you want to engage more with your community? 

Gathering feedback from those affected by your project is very valuable, but can also be pretty intimidating. We can help you organize a community meeting, get the word out, and facilitate discussion. 


Do you want to develop your skills?

We can organize workshops and training for things such as communications, grant writing, volunteer recruitment, etc. 


Do you want your organization to reach its full potential?

Whether you are an incorporated society with decades of operations experience or a group of friends or neighbors organizing for the first time, there are always topics and items you can improve on to build a more effective group. This self-assessment tool will give you an idea of where you are strong and where you could use some assistance. After completing it, get in touch! 


Community Development Coordinator

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