The Great Cape Breton Clean Up

Message to all participants for Great Cape Breton Clean

Up Over 500 are signed up to take part in Saturday's Clean Up - more are welcome!

Forecast: Sunny and 8 degrees on Saturday.

TIPS: Start your day by wearing bright jacket or sweater. Bring a water bottle. Water is available at the pick up locations.  

Limited supplies of bright t-shirts are at some of the larger centres. 

Arrive at your location between 9 am -10 am to pick up supplies. (Full location list below)

You may clean up an area of your choosing. Bags and gloves are available.  Limited supply of grabber tools are available at some of the larger centres. 

If you have any youth in your clean up team, stay away from moving traffic areas.

Do not pick up sharps.  Report their location by calling 311. 

Leave filled bags curbside in areas where municipal trucks can easily pick them up: NOT along 100-series highways or on-ramps/off-ramps. These areas are not Solid Waste serviced areas. If you have the ability to do so, like a pick-up truck or trailer, you can transport your bags back to your starting location. If you have piled bags in an area not easily visible, call 311 to report the location. 

Share your photos online using hashtags #CBRM or #CBCleanUp

Prizes will be given out through the day and shared online at CBRM’s Facebook page. 

The following locations are active on Saturday morning for supplies pick up: 

Albert Bridge VFD
Bateston VFD
Big Pond VFD
Birch Grove VFD
Christmas Island VFD
Coxheath VFD
Dominion VFD
Donkin VFD
East Bay VFD
Florence VFD
Frenchvale Road VFD
George's River VFD 
Glace Bay Fire Hall
Howie Centre VFD 
Louisbourg VFD
Marion Bridge VFD 
Mira Road VFD
New Victoria VFD
New Waterford VFD
North Sydney VFD
Port Morien VFD
Reserve Mines VFD
Scotchtown VFD
South Bar VFD
Sydney (Station 1 George Street)
Sydney Mines VFD
Sydney River VFD
Westmount VFD
Whitney Pier Boys & Girls Club  

Boisdale FH is doing clean up next weekend. Pancake breakfast this weekend.
Gabarus is doing Clean Up on the long weekend in May