Heritage Property Program

In 2004, the Planning Department became responsible for administering the CBRM Heritage Property Bylaw, and for promotion of heritage conservation in our communities. Planning Department staff work closely with the Heritage Advisory Committee, a committee of Council that includes both elected Council members as well as citizens who are appointed by Council to serve on the Committee. 

Since 2004, a number of properties in the Municipality have been formally recognized as municipal heritage properties, and a heritage conservation district has been established in the historic North End of Sydney. A grant program has been established that provides modest financial incentives for owners of municipal heritage properties and owners of properties within the Heritage Conservation District. Planning staff also work with various heritage organizations throughout the Municipality on other initiatives intended to promote awareness of the importance of our region's rich heritage.

A complete inventory of all buildings in the CBRM that were built prior to 1914 got underway in 2008. So far, all religious structures in the Municipality have been included in the Inventory. These structures include churches, synagogues, convents, clergy residences and other buildings associated with the practice of any religion.

For more information on the CBRM Heritage Program, please contact Karen Neville, CBRM Heritage Officer, at 563-5088 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See images of CBRM's historic churches on our Flickr site.

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CBRM Heritage Property Bylaw (Laserfiche)
Heritage Conservation District Plan (PDF - 1.7 MB)
Heritage Conservation District Bylaw (PDF - 533 kb)
CBRM Heritage Program Brochure (Includes FAQ section) (PDF - 436 kb)
Guidelines for Renovations to Municipal Heritage Properties (PDF - 22 kb)
Heritage Registry Updated to November 30, 2018 (PDF - 25 kb)
Presentation on the North End Sydney Heritage Conservation District (PDF 2.2 MB)


CBRM Heritage Incentive Program Policy

 Other Links

The Province of Nova Scotia is actively involved in the promotion of our Province's heritage, and a number of properties within the CBRM have been registered as provincial heritage properties. For more information on provincial heritage programs, please go to Nova Scotia's Official Heritage Website.

The Nova Scotia Historic Places Initiative has developed a comprehensive inventory of heritage properties throughout Nova Scotia. The inventory can be accessed at The Nova Scotia Historic Places Initiatve.

The Heritage Canada Foundation advocates for heritage at the national level. The CBRM is a member of this organization, which is based in Ottawa. For more information on the Foundation, please go to Heritage Canada.