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CBRM Planning Strategy Amendment Survey

CBRM Council has received a request to permit a medical clinic in a residential neighbourhood. Even though this request is related to a specific property, Council’s decision could impact all urban and suburban residential neighbourhoods throughout the CBRM.

The applicant would like to operate a medical clinic in the single detached dwelling located at 46 Cottage Road, Sydney. Initially, the proposed development would consist of the applicant’s family practice, but over time could include other physicians. Unlike other non-residential uses in the neighbourhood, the medical clinic would not be considered a home-based business because it will not be the primary residence for the applicant.

Home based business means a secondary use to a main residential use conducted by a resident of the dwelling for financial gain or reward or in the hope or expectation of financial gain or reward

A copy of the applicant’s submission, outlining their proposal can be found here:

CBRM Council has been asked to consider an amendment to municipal plan policy to permit medical clinics in all urban and suburban residential neighbourhoods.

The purpose of this survey is to gather input to assist Council in making their decision.

Your contact information and answers will remain confidential and will be used only in the evaluation of the above-noted development.

You can enter your responses online using the link below.

Deadline for survey submissions is March 1st, 2021.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Phone: 902-563-5072 or 902-563-5088


CBRM's Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw (jurisdiction is all of CBRM except the North End neighbourhood of Sydney)

The Province’s Municipal Government Act gives municipalities the authority to adopt a Municipal Planning Strategy to provide statements of policy to guide their development and management.  In 2004 CBRM adopted its first Planning Strategy which included an implementing Land Use Bylaw.  The Act describes a Land Use Bylaw as a regulatory document which enables certain policies of the Planning Strategy to be carried out.  After a review by the Province’s Department of Municipal Affairs these planning documents came into effect September 17, 2004.

This new Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw replaced the 15 municipal planning strategies and land use bylaws adopted by the former municipalities of Cape Breton County prior to the 1995 amalgamation. These former documents were repealed with the adoption of the new CBRM MPS and LUB.

These current versions of the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Planning Strategy available here also include amendments adopted by Council to date.


Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw - North End Sydney

In addition to the regional Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw noted above, the CBRM Council adopted a Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw for an area in the North End of Sydney on May 16, 2006. The Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw were developed following a year and a half of consultation with residents and landowners of the North End. These documents replace the regional Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw for the area of Sydney affected.

The North End Sydney Secondary Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw took effect on September 2, 2006, following a review by the Nova Scotia Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. Copies of these documents and related maps are available below for download.


Land Use Bylaw/Zoning Maps


Miscellaneous Maps


Subdivision Bylaw


Demographic Information

According to the 2001 Census of Canada, the population within the Cape Breton Regional Municipality is 109,330. This represents a decline of approximately 7.2% from the population recorded during the 1996 census (117,849) including Native Reserves. When Statistics Canada releases more 2001 census data the CBRM web page will provide a more detailed analysis of this latest census.

Below is a table providing historic demographic statistics for the CBRM and the eight former municipalities which comprised Cape Breton County prior to the August 1st, 1995 amalgamation.












1891     2,522 2,466   2,459 2,427 23,274 34,244
1901     4,646 3,191   6,945 9,909 23,489 49,166
1911   2,589 5,418 7,470   16,562 17,723 22,562 73,330
1921   2,390 6,585 8,327 5,615 17,007 22,545 22,698 86,319
1931   2,846 6,139 7,769 7,745 20,706 23,089 23,237 92,503
1941 1,012 3,279 6,836 8,198 9,302 25,147 28,305 28,264 110,703
1951 1,120 3,143 7,354 8,410 10,423 25,586 31,317 32,953 120,306
1961 1,414 2,999 8,657 9,122 10,592 24,186 33,617 39,644 131,507
1971 1,508 2,879 8,604 8,991 9,579 22,440 33,230 40,221 129,075
1981 1,410 2,856 7,820 8,501 8,808 21,466 29,444 44,688 127,035
1991 1,261 2,517 7,260 7,551 7,695 19,501 26,063 45,555 120,098
1996 1,152 2,452 6,797 7,559 7,374 18,659 25,636 48,220 117,849
2001 1,071 2,144* 6,158* 6,982 6,944* 16,984 23,990 45,057* 109,330
2006 971* 2,019* 5,921* 6,689* 6,556* 16,139 22,789* 44,644* 105,928











* Estimated 2006 and 2011 population by CBRM Planning & Development Department; estimates were
required due to changes in dissemination area boundaries implemented in 2001 and 2006
by Statistics Canada

* LSB = Louisbourg DOM = Dominion NSY = North Sydney SYM = Sydney Mines

NWD = New Waterford GLB = Glace Bay SYD = Sydney

CBM = Municipality of Cape Breton County

Population counts in red indicate a decline from the previous census.

"The Cape Breton Regional Municipality at the End of the 20th Century " (480.89 KB) 

The Report entitled Population Projections for Cape Breton Municipal Units - 2001-2021 dated February 5, 2004 as prepared by the Terrain Group Inc. can be viewed by clicking here (508.84 KB).


Population Projections for Cape Breton Regional Municipality: 2006 - 2021

CBRM Demographic Final Report (2008)

CBRM Demographic Presentation to Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) (May 2008)

CBRM Demographic Presentation to PAC (February 2008)


Amendment to the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law

The CBRM’s first Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use By-law (LUB) were adopted in the summer of 2004, since that time it has been the practise of the Planning and Development Department to undertake a winter review of each document.

The proposed amendment are not meant to change the substance or direction of the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law, but rather make these documents easier to read for those who administer and those who must comply with its provisions.

Amending By-laws

Municipal Planning Strategy (I still do not have this from Malcolm yet, so we could leave this off until I do)

Land Use By-law

Amendment to the Land Use By-law Map

CBRM LUB Amendment Map1

CBRM LUB Amendment Map2

CBRM LUB Amendment Map3

CBRM LUB Amendment Map4

CBRM LUB Amendment Map5

CBRM LUB Amendment Map6

CBRM LUB Amendment Map7

CBRM LUB Amendment Map8

CBRM LUB Amendment Map9

CBRM LUB Amendment Map10

CBRM LUB Amendment Map11

CBRM LUB Amendment Map12

CBRM LUB Amendment Map13