Curbside Collection Reminders

  • All food waste and table scraps must be placed in a green cart for curbside disposal.  Garbage bags containing food waste and table scraps will be tagged and left behind uncollected for residents to properly sort.
  • Garbage or Blue Bags must not be placed inside green carts for collection. A green cart containing Garbage or Blue Bags will be tagged and left unemptied by the collector.
  • Sods, soil, sand or rocks must not be placed inside your green cart for collection. Green carts containing sods, soil, sand or rocks will be tagged and left unemptied by the collector.
  • Blue Bags must be visible curbside on your area's collection day. Please do not cover blue bags with a blanket. If placing inside a bin, please make sure the bin is labelled blue bags.  (please make sure blue bags are not mixed in with garbage bags.)
  • Tree branches and limbs should not be sticking out of your green cart. Lids must be closed completely for emptying to occur.

Does your green cart look like this when you place it curbside for collection?

Trees sticking out of green cart for website

If so, your green cart will be tagged and left uncollected by your area’s municipal curbside collector. A collector is unable to tip and empty green carts that contain too much leaf and yard material.

Green Cart Collection Reminders:

  • Please do not overload your green cart with trees and branches. The lid of your green cart must be closed for emptying to take place. If you have a large amount of leaf and yard waste to dispose of, you can bring it to one of the Solid Waste Department’s Seasonal Leaf and Yard Drop of Sites open one day a week in North Sydney, New Waterford or Glace Bay.
  • Please make sure the serial number on the front of your green cart is facing the road/street.
  • Only one green cart per civic address will be emptied on collection day. 
  • Sods are not accepted in the green cart for collection. Sods must be taken to the Waste Management Facility on Spar Road in Sydney for disposal.
  • Lids of green carts must be closed completely for emptying to occur.


Reporting a Damaged Green Cart

It is important to regularly inspect your green cart for damage. If you notice holes, openings, cracks, missing vents or wheels, cracked lifts or lid damage, please contact the Solid Waste Department to report the damage. Phoneline educators will record your information and add your civic address to the department’s Green Cart Assessment List. To contact the hotline, phone (902) 567-1337.  Educators are available to respond to inquiries 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


Disposal Of Sharps

Used needles, syringes, lancets, auto injectors and infusion sets must not be disposed of in garbage bags, blue bags or your green cart.

Needle graphic

Used sharps must be handled properly. Needles, syringes, lancets, auto injectors, infusion sets & connection needles/sets must be disposed of safely in a Safe Sharps Container available for free at any local pharmacy.

Used sharps containing medications may be disposed of in the sharps containers. There are no exclusions for medication type.

Please DO NOT do the following with sharps:

 DO NOT put used sharps in garbage bags.
 DO NOT put used sharps in blue bags.
 DO NOT put used sharps in green cart.
 DO NOT put used sharps in plastic bottles or jugs for disposal.
 DO NOT flush sharps down the toilet
 DO NOT try to remove, bend or recap needles used by another person.
 DO NOT put anything but sharps in the sharps containers.

Sharps can seriously harm people who are handling these bags or sorting your recyclables.  Needle stick injuries from used sharps may cause infections or diseases. If you are stuck, seek immediate medical attention.

Please dispose of your Sharps safely. 

Here's how:
 Pick up a FREE Safe Sharps container at your local community pharmacy.
 Place your used sharps into the Safe Sharps container.
 When your container is full, return the sealed container to your community pharmacy.

Safe Sharps Disposal Reminder

Used Sharps Information Website 2021 




Residents who have questions are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337. Educators are available to respond to inquiries from 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.