Curbside Collection Schedules & Waste Separation Guides

Curbside Collection Notice For Saturday, September 30, 2023:  National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


There is NO Curbside Collection on Saturday, September 30, as we honor and respect this important day.

  • EXTRA garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area’s next regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Blue bags will be collected on your area’s next regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.

Waste Management Facility

Waste Management sites including the seasonal leaf and yard drop-off sites located in New Waterford and Glace Bay are closed on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Saturday, September 30.


FREE Safe Sharps Drop-Off Event:
Carmen Young Walking Track Parking Lot:  Monday, October 16, 2023

CBRM Solid Waste is hosting a FREE used safe sharps drop-off event from 10am to 2pm at the Carmen Young Walking Track Park parking lot on 116 King Street, North Sydney on Monday, October 16.   All are welcome to come out with their used needles and other sharps.  Needles do not have to be in a safe sharps containers to accept them.  We want to provide you with a safe way to dispose of them properly. 

Please remember, used needles, lancets and other sharps DO NOT get disposed of in the garbage, blue bags or green cart for disposal.  If you do not have a way to dispose of needles, please give the hotline a call at 902-567-1337.

Be safe with your Used Sharps and Dispose of them properly!

Safe Sharps EducatorThis event will occur RAIN OR SHINE


Beverage Containers:  Caps can be left on

DNS Caps Campaign Social 1200x1200 Caps



CBRM's Mobile App Promotion

Do you always forget your blue bag schedule? There is an App for that. CBRM Solid Waste has a free solid waste app you can download for free by visiting the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Our App will make it even easier for you to remember your collection day and your blue bag collection week. Download the app and sign up for weekly collection reminders. Never forget your blue bag schedule again.

Check it out today to sign up for weekly collection notifications, updates and/or to view your area’s collection schedule. No computer or mobile phone? No problem, call the solid waste department and an educator will help you sign up for weekly landline notifications.


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CBRM's Personalized Waste Collection Calendar

2023 calendar Notice


 CBRM's Waste Sorting Tool


Waste Wizard Promotion Tool


Curbside Collection Reminder: Are you Using Clear Garbage Bags?

Residents are reminded a maximum of five garbage bags can be placed out for curbside collection each week. Please remember, only one garbage bag you use should be dark. Any additional garbage bags you place out for collection each week must be CLEAR.

For more information on Garbage collection requirements visit:


Litter Stands Out 

Let's do our part to keep our community clean.

Litter Stands out on Road Ways littler campaign.jpg 2023

For more information visit


Litter Cleanups

Are you interested in picking up litter around your neighborhood? If so, contact the Solid Waste Hotline at (902) 567-1337. The solid waste department will provide bags and gloves to individuals and groups interested in doing a litter cleanup. If we all work together, we can make a difference. Let's keep CBRM Clean and Beautiful. For more information on making litter a thing of the past, contact the hotline today!

litter in bushes 2022


Reporting a Damaged Green Cart

It is important to regularly inspect your green cart for damage. If you notice holes, openings, cracks, missing vents or wheels, cracked lifts or lid damage, please contact the Solid Waste Department to report the damage. Phoneline educators will record your information and add your civic address to the department’s Green Cart Assessment List. To contact the hotline, phone (902) 567-1337.  Educators are available to respond to inquiries 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

 holes at bottom of green cart

Curbside Collection: Weather Reminder

High winds and blustery weather conditions will make it difficult to secure collection materials curbside. If a weather forecast is predicting unfavorable conditions and it is your collection day, you can choose to hold onto your materials until your area’s next regularly scheduled collection day.

  • Extra garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area’s next regularly scheduled garbage and green cart collection day.
  • Blue bags will be collected on your area’s NEXT regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.

If a resident decides to place materials curbside during a weather event, it is the resident’s responsibility to make sure the material remains secure at the curb.

At the end of the collection day, if material is not collected, please remove it from the curb. It is a resident’s responsibility to remove uncollected materials at the end the day.


Important Green Cart Reminder During Windstorms

Please make sure your green cart is secure during wind events. 


2023 Northside Public Drop-Off Site Schedule

The Northside Public Drop-off Site located off King Street in North Sydney is open the first Saturday of each month from 8am to 2:45pm.  The Northside Public Drop-Off site will be open the following Saturdays in 2023:

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Saturday, December 2, 2023


Curbside Collection:

The number of garbage bags permitted curbside per week has returned to a five bag limit. Residents are reminded they can substitute one clear garbage bag with one dark bag each week. 


CBRM Waste Separation Guide

To recieve or review your 2023 curbside collection schedule, please visit or download our new Solid Waste App from the Apple Store or the Goggle Play Store.

CBRM Solid Waste's Waste Wizard Guide is also available at the above location.


To view CBRM's Waste Separation Guide and Curbside Collection Information Guides in English, French, Hindi, Manderian or Ukraine click the following links:

new sort guide English

new sort guide French

new sort guide Hindi

new sort guide Manderian

new sort guide Ukraine



CBRM Tipping Fee Schedule April 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024

 Tipping Fee Schedule 1 April 1 2023 to March 31 2024