Dog park planned for Northside

July 5, 2021 

Cape Breton Regional Municipality is planning to construct a dog park for the Northside.

A new fenced dog park will be installed by the municipality near the Emera Centre Northside at 175 King St. in North Sydney. 

The 20,000 square foot area is designed as a safe place for pet owners to engage in activities with their dogs.  
The area inside the fence will be off-leash, but dogs must be leashed outside of the fenced area. 

Dog owners can park at the walking track and walk up to the park. 

Any comments or questions can be directed to CBRM at CBRM feedback

Construction will begin this week and CBRM will announce when the park is open and ready for use. 

Dog park users are required to abide by the following rules:
1. Dogs must have current CBRM tags (available from the CBRM Citizen Service Centre and SPCA)
2. You must carry a leash.
3. You must keep your dog within sight.
4. Do not allow your dog to dig holes in the park.
5. You are responsible for any damages or injuries caused by a dog in your care.
6. Dogs must not interfere with other park users.
7. Aggressive dogs, female dogs in heat, and puppies under three months old are not permitted in off-leash areas.
8. You must pick up your dog's waste immediately and dispose of it in the garbage can.

Northside Dog Park