Mayor's task force presents recommendations

July 4, 2013

SYDNEY, NS - The Mayor's Task Force today presented a blueprint for change across a broad spectrum of the organization and operation of Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

View the task force's report here (PDF)
View the PowerPoint presentation here (PDF)


Mayor Clarke thanked the volunteer Task Force, chaired by Dr. Keith Brown, and said the recommendations will be now be made public for further feedback. The Mayor also indicated that council and staff will meet during the summer months to examine the recommendations and plan the next steps.

Clarke says he expects council will be ready to make decisions on the recommendations at a public council meeting in the early fall.

"Cape Breton Regional Municipality is eager and ready to embrace change and today's report from the task force is a great starting point and a page-turner for our region," said Mayor Cecil Clarke. "Dr. Brown and the task force have taken an impressive and fresh look at our municipality. I thank them and I look forward to the next steps."

Dr. Brown characterized the chance for organizational change "as a once-in-a-generation opportunity" because of an aging workforce. A key recommendation focused on using the opportunity of retiring employees to make changes to the delivery of services and spending priorities.

The Mayor's Task Force was formed as a part of Mayor and Council's Reorganization Plan for Positive Change.