Mobile Payments for Parking now available in CBRM

HotSpot Parking App - The HotSpot Parking App is now available in CBRM at all meters.

The HotSpot Parking App offers users a mobile parking app at a monthly or annual fee for the convenience of paying for your parking on your mobile device. 

HotSpot gives drivers more convenience when parking by:

  • Notifying users when their meter is close to expiring
  • Giving users the option to add more time up to the maximum for the space
  • Giving users the option to cancel their session early and be refunded for any unused time
  • Providing users with a code on each meter 

Additional information to remember:

  • Parking meter time limits vary throughout the Downtown area
  • If you receive a parking ticket, paper tickets will still be issued, not through the mobile app
  • You do not have to use the mobile app in order to pay, standard methods of payment for parking remain unchanged
  • Parking meters are in operation Monday through Friday, between 8 am and 6 pm.
  • Parking at meters if free on weekends, holidays and after designated time restrictions listed on the meter. HotSpot will not process payment during these times.

HotSpot members in CBRM have a variety of payment options to better suit their parking needs.

The HotSpot Parking App has a $2 monthly fee or $20 annual fee or $18 annual fee for CAA members (+HST).

Frequent meter parkers may wish to opt for the $20 yearly membership or the monthly subscription for just $2 per month, but if you rarely use a parking meter, we are pleased to offer you our No Commitment parking plan. 

  • This pay-per-use, no-commitment offer simply adds 25 cents to each parking session, giving you more choice over your parking payment plan.
  • There are no monthly or yearly fees for our Pay-Per-Use plan members. 
  • If you park at a meter less than 8 times per month, this is the plan for you.  
  • Simply select the Pay-Per-Use option on your smartphone by using the HotSpot app.
  • The Pay-Per-Use parking plan is great for drivers who find themselves ready to ditch the coins and use modern, smartphone technology but are not ready to make the full membership commitment.  

The HotSpot Parking App is available in CBRM at all meters. 

To access mobile payment for parking, users must download the HotSpot app which is available on the App Store, Google Play or Blackberry World.


When will mobile payment for parking be available?

  • As of October 15, 2018, mobile payment for parking is available on all municipal meters.

How do I access the mobile payment for parking option?

Do I now have to use the mobile app in order to pay for metered parking?

  • No. Standard methods of payment for metered parking remain unchanged.  The new mobile payment solution provides people with another option for their convenience.  Coin payments are also available at all meters.

If I try to pay on a weekend or holiday, will the mobile app take my payment?

  • No. The app will not process payments on weekdays or holidays, even if the user tries to make a payment.

I only used half my time at the meter. Can I get a refund?

  • Users of the mobile payment app can end their parking session any time and will be refunded the remaining time. This option is not available for standard coin payments. 

Will I receive a mobile notification if I get a ticket?

  • No. Users of the mobile app will not receive an electronic ticket or notification. Paper tickets will continue to be issued.

How do I pay a ticket?

  • Ticket payment remains unchanged and can be paid online.

Can I use the mobile app to pay for CBRM Transit?

  • No.  The HotSpot transit payment feature is not available in CBRM to date.  Updates regarding the status of new technology for transit will be shared as information becomes available.

Does HotSpot collect a percentage of meter revenue?

  • No. HotSpot only collects revenue via a monthly/ annual fee to use the mobile app. For more information visit the HotSpot website.

How much will this new service cost the municipality?

  • There is no cost to the municipality. HotSpot has the current contract rights for mobile payment in the municipality and collects revenue though a monthly/ annual fee collected from registered app users. 

Who can I call if there’s a problem with my HotSpot app?

  • Contact the service provider via its website (https://htsp.ca/), mobile app or call 1-855-712-5888 (toll-free).