Overnight fires in CBRM

March 29, 2020

One person has died and about 50 people have been displaced following two major fires in the CBRM overnight. 

In New Waterford, a fire at seniors’ apartment complex resulted in the loss of one life and has displaced approximately 30 residents.The fire was contained but New Waterford’s Volunteer Fire Department remains on the scene. At this time, it is not clear how extensive the damage is and how long before the residents will be able to return.

On Charlotte Street in Sydney, 11 people lost their homes when a fire resulted in one building being torn down. No injuries have been reported.

That fire caused another 11 people to be temporarily displaced from their dwellings over the Subway restaurant next door.

It is expected they will be allowed back in their apartments later today.

Sydney Fire remains on the scene at this hour. 

Nova Scotia and CBRM EMOs are working with the Red Cross to assist all who have been displaced by the fires.