Provincial election questions for Candidates from Mayor and Council

Below are responses (PDF), posted in the order they are received, to the questions posed to provincial candidates by Mayor and Council.

The questions are as follows:

1. Equalization Fairness for Nova Scotia municipalities, and particularly CBRM, continues to be disproportionate. Without addressing this issue, the disparities in infrastructure and services are increasing between municipal units across the Province. Because provincial transfer payments to the CBRM have been frozen since 2012, the deficit between our mandated provincial costs and what we receive as a transfer payment now results in a $5+ million dollar deficit. As MLA, will you commit to developing a more equitable transfer formula for the CBRM? 

2. The Mayor and Council’s draft Strategic Plan for the CBRM includes key infrastructure projects such as a new Central Library, Centre 200 expansion, development and increased commercial opportunities within our harbours and other important investments. How will you support these development projects to advance the CBRM in terms of growth and sustainability? 

3. To proceed with the SHIP/Novaporte Container Terminal development, commitment on behalf of the Provincial government is necessary to secure rail line upgrades. What actions will you take through the provincial government to ensure that this project can move forward?

4. Our municipality is experiencing hospital and Emergency Room closures, a shortage of doctors and nurses, and insufficient mental healthcare. We have also seen a spike in addictions and decreased housing security both can be linked back to a lack of mental health supports in our community. What will you do to provide better healthcare and social services to the resident in our municipality?

5. The Capped Assessment Program (CAP) has created taxation disparities between households throughout the province. Current housing market sales have reached unprecedented heights which will result in an ever-growing CAP gap. What are your plans to resolve this issue?

6.There is not a day that goes by that we as elected officials do not hear from residents with concerns regarding roads. As MLA, how do you plan to advocate for increased funding to both Provincial and Municipal road programs? 




Fred Tilley -  Liberal candidate for Northside-Westmount

 Fred Tilley PDF

All NDP Candidates:

Kendra Coombes (Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier)
Barbara Beaton (Cape Breton East)
Madonna Doucette (Sydney-Membertou)
John Morgan (Glace Bay - Dominion)
Jennifer Morrison (Northside - Westmount)
Adrianna MacKinnon (Victoria - The Lakes)

Gary Burrill - LEADER

 NDP Party PDF

Jennifer Morrison PDF


All Liberal Party Candidates:

Michelle Wilson (Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier)
Heather Peters (Cape Breton East)
Derek Mombourquette (Sydney-Membertou)
John John McCarthy (Glace Bay - Dominion)
Fred Tilley (Northside - Westmount)
Nadine Bernard (Victoria - The Lakes)

Iain Rankin - LEADER


Liberal Party PDF

All Progressive Conservative Candiates:

Bryden Mombourquettte (Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier)
Brian Comer (Cape Breton East)
Pauline Singer (Sydney-Membertou)
John White (Glace Bay - Dominion)
Murray Ryan (Northside - Westmount)
Keith Bain (Victoria - The Lakes)

Tim Houston - LEADER

PC Party PDF

John White - PC Party candidate (Glace Bay- Dominion)

John White PDF

Madonna Doucette - NDP Candidate (Sydney-Membertou)

Madonna Doucette PDF

Pauline Singer - PC Candidate (Sydney-Membertou)

Pauline Singer PDF