Public input sought on boundaries and size of CBRM council

July 27, 2022

SYDNEY, NS –  Members of the public are invited to participate in an online survey and public meeting to review the size of municipal council and review the boundaries from which councillors will be elected. 

CBRM Regional Council currently has a 12-member Council elected from 12 districts and a Mayor elected at large. 

An online survey conducted by Stantec is available at www.cbrmgovernance.com

A public meeting will be held in at Centre 200 in Sydney on Monday, August 8 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm to share information and gather additional feedback from the public. The session will begin with an open house at 6:00 pm at which attendees will have the opportunity to review information on council size and the purpose of the project. At 7:00 pm, Stantec’s representative will make a presentation on the evolution of CBRM’s Council since amalgamation and feedback received from the survey and other consultation. After the presentation, the consultant will respond to questions and comments from attendees.  

After the public meeting and review by Council, the consultants will map potential district boundaries from which Council members may be elected for further review by the public.

 Following a second round of public consultation, the consultants will recommend a council size and boundary arrangement to CBRM Council.

Council will vote to approve the recommendation, modify the recommendation, or develop an alternative recommendation. 

The decision of Council will form the basis of an application to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board for approval of the size of council and related electoral district boundaries. If the application is approved, it will set the size of council and the boundaries of CBRM’s electoral districts for municipal election held over the next eight years.