Storm Safety Information - January 12, 2020

The CBRFES, Emergency Management Division is monitoring the current weather system and is working with, and receiving situational reports and weather forecasts from Environment Canada and the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Organization:

  • Freezing rain/ice pellets conditions occurring. These conditions are expected to continue until 8pm-9pm tonight.
  • Slight winds gusting 40-60 km/h are expected. When freezing rain/ice pellets diminish, light snow flurries are expected to begin and persist through Sunday night into Monday morning with temperatures from -4 to -8C.
  • Driving conditions will be poor, residents are asked to stay of the roads unless absolutely necessary. If travel is required, please proceed with lower speeds and extreme caution. Residents and travellers are warned that highways, roads, walkways and parking areas will become slippery and hazardous.
  • Power outages are possible with ice weighted power lines and tree limbs. Residents are reminded, should power be lost, to exercise caution when using alternate sources of light and heat.
  • Do not use candles as light sources or barbecues for heat or cooking indoors.
  • If using generators, ensure they are outside, well ventilated, no vent blockage, and not vented near windows and/or doors.
  • Residents are requested to continue to monitor information sources and to be self prepared for 72 hours should conditions worsen. If there is power disruption for a prolonged period, the Cape Breton Emergency Management Division will establish a safe, required and suitable location for a Warming Center(s) or Shelter(s).
  • If they are required and established, the public will be notified using several information sources. Predetermining areas for Warming Shelters and/or Shelters is not an acceptable option as areas of need and safety can not be predetermined or established prior to a weather event.
  • CBRM Citizens are also reminded to adhere to the CBRM Overnight Parking Regulations as Cape Breton Regional Police will be working with the CBRM Public Works Department with storm clearing and clean up operations.
  • Thank you and stay safe.