TRANSIT SERVICE UPDATE: Open Hearth Park and Harbourside Commercial Park now serviced by Transit Cape Breton

September 2, 2021

Cape Breton Transit is adding service to Harbourside Commercial Park and Open Hearth Park effective September 7.  

Route 9 will now travel along the Sydney Port Access Road and Ferry Street to the Dorchester Street hub.  It will return along the same route.   

Route 9 begins in New Victoria and travels through New Waterford to Cape Breton University, the Mayflower Mall and Walmart.  It will now proceed north onto Sydney Port Access Road with new stops in the area of Protocase and Horizon Achievement Centre and Open Hearth Park.  After these stops, the route proceeds directly to Dorchester Street and will return to Daley Road in New Victoria along the same route.

Arrival times at Dorchester Street and New Victoria will remain the same.   

Passengers looking to access services on Prince Street, Welton Street and Grand Lake Road should use Route 1 or transfer at CBU or the Mayflower Mall onto Route 1.



Transit route 9