Underground project keeps raw sewage out of harbour

July 26, 2013

SYDNEY, NS - Residents driving into downtown Sydney along Kings Road may have noticed a large mound of earth piling up on the waterfront near Wentworth Park.

Work is well underway on a $15.3 million sewage collector project that spans the Sydney waterfront from the Keltic Drive area of Sydney River all the way to MacLeod Street in South Bar.


The mound of earth is a temporary displacement while large, underground tank structures are installed. The site is the location of a mechanically screened diversion chamber. When the work is finished, all that will be visible above ground is a single story architectural brick structure approximately 10 metres by 15 metres.

CBRM's waste water operations manager Ron Delaney said all parts of the project are scheduled to be completed by March and will have a significant impact on the municipality's waste water operations.

"This project will eliminate 14 existing raw sewage outfalls on the east side of Sydney harbour and direct an estimated daily 7,800 cubic metres, or flow from 1,500 homes, of raw sewage into treatment rather than being dumped into the harbour," said Delaney. "This will complete collection of all sewage originally emptying into Sydney harbour on the east side."

The project has three phases:

Phase 1: Kings Rd. west collector
Phase 2: MacLeod St. / Pier collector
Phase 3: Lingan Rd. collector

A total of 9.5 kilometers of collector piping will be installed along with three sewage lift stations and four diversion chambers.

The projects are cost-shared by the federal, provincial and municipal governments.