During an Emergency

Emergencies, both natural and man-made, generally occur suddenly and escalate rapidly, quickly overwhelming the community and its resources.

In Nova Scotia, many emergencies are weather-related and thus cannot be prevented.

Stay informed

Listen to your local radio station(s) 

Follow official government channels

Being prepared and informed during an emergency can lessen damage and injury during forest fires, floods, hurricanes, lightning storms, and winter storms.

In certain emergency situations, authorities may ask you to leave your home and go to a nearby evacuation centre.  Knowing what to do if you are evacuated can make the experience less disruptive.

The consequences of emergencies may include power failure, reduction in the abilities of various agencies to deliver emergency services efficiently, communication break-down and limited access to necessities such as food and water. Being prepared lessens feelings of anxiety, fear and distress following a disaster.



For information on animals affected by man-made and natural disasters, please visit The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia: 


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