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Emergencies can occur any time, anywhere - hurricanes, winter storms and power outages.  Be prepared for 72 hours, protect yourself during an emergency and know what to do after an emergency.

Know the Risks

 Make a Plan

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Comfort centres provide a place for community members to gather, charge devices, and receive refreshments. Comfort centres do not provide overnight shelter or shower facilities.  For the safety of all, comfort centres do not open until the impact phase of the event has passed and it is considered safe for our volunteer providers and residents to travel. All residents are encouraged to practice a minimum of 72 hours personal preparedness, but consider being prepared for longer periods for severe weather events like hurricanes.

Opening times, locations, and dates for comfort centres are based on the availability of our volunteer providers and the areas in greatest need of support.
Opening times and dates will be shared by the media, CBRM social media on Facebook and Twitter, or by Emergency Alert when telecommunications are affected.
Additional CBRM facilities may be opened to provide Comfort Centre support depending upon the status of utilities at each location.
Applicable Public Health requirements must be followed at all comfort centres.


Community Location Civic Address
Big Pond Big Pond Fire Department 7193 East Bay Highway
Boisdale Boisdale Fire Department 3810 Grand Narrows Highway
Gabarus Gabarus Fire Department 8791 Gabarus Highway
Georges River Georges River Fire Department 1208 Georges River Road
Grand Lake Road  Grand Lake Road Fire Department 850 Grand Lake Road
Howie Centre Howie Centre Fire Department 47 Tometary Drive
Louisburg Louisburg Fire Department 7485 Main Street
New Waterford New Waterford Fire Department 3336 Walsh Avenue
North Sydney North Sydney Firefighters Club 17 Pierce Street
Reserve Mines Reserve Mines Fire Department 195 Main Street
Sydney Centre 200 on George Street
If power outage: alternate location is City Hall
Community Room (harbour side entry)
320  Esplanade