Finance Department

The Financial Services Department under the Director of Finance and the Manager of Financial Services, consists of the following operations:

  • Revenue Section
  • Accounting Section
  • Purchasing Section

Revenue Section

The Revenue Section has seven full time staff. The primary responsibility is for the billing and collection CBRM's 57,000 property tax accounts and 27,208 water accounts. Staff provides information to taxpayers as well as the legal community and financial institutions. Two staff are assigned full time to Tax Sales. The activities of the Revenue Section are regulated by the Assessment Act, Municipal Government Act and CBRM approved policies.

Accounting Section

The Accounting Section has six full time staff. It is responsible for the processing and payment of all expenditures for CBRM. Cheques are issued twice weekly to vendors. In addition, staff provide general accounting services and participate in the audit process and preparation of monthly financial claims and reports, in support of the various departments as well as Municipal Council. The Accounting Section maintains all CBRM financial records.

Purchasing Section

The Purchasing Section has seven full time staff. The section performs the buying function for all CBRM Departments in accordance with the approved Procurement Policy. This includes price quotations, requests for tenders & proposals. All requirements are advertised weekly on Tuesday in the Cape Breton Post and on this web site. All major tenders are posted on the Province of Nova Scotia Web site. In addition, staff is also responsible for the Central Store operation, which provides material primarily to the Public Works Department.