Illegal Dumping


CBRM's Illegal Dumping Program

The Solid Waste Department and the Cape Breton Regional Police Service joined forces in the fall of 2010 to tackle Illegal Dumping. The department has a full-time officer dedicated to the illegal dumping enforcement program developed by this department. Divert Nova Scotia provides funding to support CBRM's illegal dumping efforts.


What is Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is the unauthorized dumping or disposal of waste material on any public or private property in the CBRM. It is a serious problem that exists across the municipality. The solid waste department in partnership with the Cape Breton Regional Police Service works together to reduce, clean up, and prevent illegal dumping from happening.  Preventing and stopping illegal dumping requires the assistance of the community.  


Reporting an Illegal Dumpsite

Illegal dumping is a crime in CBRM. Residents who witness illegal dumping or locate an illegal dumpsite are encouraged to report it to CBRM’s Waste Management Hotline at (902)567-1337. The Solid Waste Department has a full-time constable on staff who investigates all reported dumpsites. You can also report illegal dumping by using the solid waste mobile app. The form is available in the Need Help Section of the App. Check it out today by downloading the Solid Waste App from the Apple Store or the Google Play store.  The information reported to the department remains confidential and is only provided to the constable.  


Police Constable MacKinnon 2023

Reporting an Illegal Dumpsite

The information a complainant discloses remains confidential between the complainant and the constable. Information that is helpful to the Illegal Dumping Officer includes:

  • The date you located the dumpsite?
  • Location of the dumpsite (community the site is located in, identifiable landmarks near the site, distance from a landmark, if in a ditch, what side of the road, etc)
  • Clear directions on how to reach the location.
  • Material & debris noticed in the dumpsite.
  • Appearance of the debris.  Did it look like it was there for a while or recently placed at the site?

These details are useful as the constable begins an investigation.  

dump site 2022

Illegal Dumpsite Cleanups

Cleaning up and removing the debris dumped in an unauthorized location is a priority.  When possible,  the constable has the perpetrator responsible for creating the mess remove the debris, and clean up the property.  When that is not possible, other arrangements are examined to have the materials removed from the environment.

debris cleaned up 


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CBRM tax rate information

Historical tax rate information 2011-2021

How is my tax dollar spent? 2020-21

Find your property's tax assessment at


CBRM Tax Rates  2022/23 2023/24
CBRM Base Rates (per $100 of Assessment)    
  Residential/Resource Base Rate  $              0.8629   $              0.8900 
  Commercial Base Rate  $              3.9452   $              4.0800
Provincial Service Rates (per $100 of Assessment)    
  Provincial Education Rate  $              0.3156   $              0.3156 
  Provincial Housing Rate  $              0.0486   $              0.0486 
  Provincial Corrections Rate  $              0.0254   $              0.0254 
CBRM Area Rates - Fire Services (per $100 of Assessment)    
  Sydney - Suburban  $              0.3834   $              0.4570 
  North Sydney  $              0.2748   $              0.2748 
  County  $              0.0947   $              0.0947 
  Sydney Mines  $              0.1598   $              0.1598 
  Dominion  $              0.2362   $              0.2362 
  New Waterford  $              0.2494   $              0.2494 
  Glace Bay  $              0.2626   $              0.2626 
  North Sydney  $              0.2748   $              0.2748 
  Louisbourg  $              0.2921   $              0.2921 
Business Improvement District Commission Rates (Commercial only / per $100 of Assessment)    
  Sydney Downtown Development Association  $              0.2000   $              0.2000 
  North Sydney BIDA  $              0.1750   $              0.1750 
CBRM Service Based Rates (per $100 of Assessment)    
  Hydrant  $              0.2036   $              0.1836 
  Sewer  $              0.1910   $              0.1910 
  Transit (Sydney Residential only)  $              0.0862   $              0.1042 
  Transit (All other areas)  $              0.1070   $              0.1250 
Other Rates CBRM Minumum Tax - Residential Dwelling   $                      500   $                  575 
Acreage rates set by Provincial Legislation    
  Forest Property (<50,000 Acreage) - Resource per acre  $              0.2500   $              0.2500 
  Forest Property (>50,000 Acreage) - Commercial per acre  $              0.4100   $              0.4100 
  NFP Recreation Acreage / per acre  $            44.9300  $            47.1700 


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Safe Sharps Program

Used needles, syringes, lancets, auto-injectors, and infusion sets must not be disposed of in garbage bags, blue bags, or your green cart.

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 Safe Sharps Disposal in CBRM

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Safe Sharps Program:  FREE Drop-Off Events October 2021

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Safe Sharps Disposal

Used needles, syringes, lancets, auto-injectors, and infusion sets are not accepted curbside for collection and must not be disposed of in garbage bags, blue bags, or your green cart.

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