Transport consultants and engineering firm to advance Sydney port development

July 18, 2013

SYDNEY, NS – Following an RFP process started on June 25, a contract has been awarded to transport consultants MacNeil Management Consultants to lead the advancement of CBRM's port development file. Engineering firm CBCL Limited will also play an affiliated role in the work ahead, providing technical consulting services.

MacNeil Management Consultants has extensive experience in the transportation industry and in economic development. Neil MacNeil is the former President and CEO of Canada Ports Corporation and the former Executive Director of Harbours and Ports at Transport Canada.
"The scope of work in this contract addresses the next important steps in realizing the potential of the Port of Sydney," said MacNeil. "We have an incredible asset with the port and our work will enhance its investment value."


Richard Morykot, Manager at CBCL in Sydney, says his firm is pleased to continue to be a key partner in port development.

"We look forward to working with MacNeil Management Consultants to strengthen the position of the Port of Sydney," said Morykot.

The scope of the work to be completed includes identifying rail, air, and highway transportation requirements; municipal, provincial and federal regulatory requirements on land use and environmental standards; negotiation of transfer of water lots and harbour bed; security considerations; recommended port governance structure; identification of other business opportunities associated with the port and identification of sources of funding support for these considerations.

Mayor Cecil Clarke welcomed the contribution that MacNeil Management Consultants and CBCL Limited will make to the further commercialization of the port.

"Our key next steps are to ensure our port has every competitive advantage," said Clarke. "Our negotiators will work closely with our team here in Sydney to ensure our port is open for business and ready for the demands of the marketplace."

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality entered an agreement with marine consultants Paul F. Richardson and Associates to empower them to exclusively negotiate with business interests on behalf of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

At the Port Summit in February, the consultants reported that two global shipping corporations had expressed interest in establishing a container terminal at the Port of Sydney.

The RFP process was facilitated by CBCEDA. The contract with MacNeil Management Consultants, valued at $103,000, falls under the professional services budget approved in the 2013-14 CBRM budget. CBRM is also working with other funding partners to cost-share on the necessary professional, technical and engineering work.

During public budget consultations in February and March over 500 residents were asked about the top priorities for CBRM. Job creation was the number one priority and the Port of Sydney was widely viewed, by a majority of residents, as important to economic growth.