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August 2021

Wash Brook Floodwater Containment & Intensity Mitigation Project

Recap: In recognition of flood risks in the Wash Brook watershed, CBRM retained the professional services of CBCL Limited to conduct a thorough flood risk investigation aimed to reduce the severity of future flooding in the Wash Brook watershed. 

In 2018, CBCL Ltd. completed the investigation and subsequently recommended the installation of three flood mitigation structures, known as ‘Option 15” in the final report

Later in 2018, with input from the public, CBRM council endorsed the installation of option 15. 

In collaboration with stakeholders, the design process and the construction of the Mud Lake Flow Control Structure is complete. 

Among the remaining structures, specifically the Gilhomes Lake Flow Control Structure and Pond 5, particular attention was given to the design and layout of Pond 5 due to its geographical location.  With close to 70 acres of Acadian forest and 3 kilometers of nature trails, the integrity of the Baille Ard Nature Trail system is valued by residents of CBRM and beyond

Accordingly, reducing the impact to the trail system and forest was recognized as an important variable in the final design of Pond 5. Representatives of the Baille Ard Recreation Association (BARA) were consulted in the design and layout of Pond 5. 

Details of the process and the final outcome of the Pond 5 design are provided below. 

Renderings of the modified Pond 5 berms:
Pond 5 berms view 1 (PDF)
Pond 5 berms view 2 (PDF)

Q&A podcast with CBCL’s Water Resource Engineer Alexander Wilson:

Video tour of the site (YouTube external link)