District 7

District 7Steve Parsons

7403 East Bay Hwy.
Big Pond, NS  B1J 1Y1

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Phone: (902) 549-5470

The populations referenced in this description is based on the 2011 census.

Map of District 7

This District has a population of 6,168 and a total area of 1,021 square kilometers.

It includes:

  • The communities of Howie Center, Sydney Forks, Portage, East Bay, Ben Eoin, St. Andrews Channel, Big Pond, Big Pond Center, Middle Cape, Irish Vale, Irish Cove, Enon, Grand Mira North, Grand Mira South, Upper Grand Mira, Gabarus Lake, Gabarus, French Road, Rock Elm, Huntington, Sandfield, Juniper Mountain, Big Ridge, Marion Bridge, Caribou Marsh, Dutch Brook, Mira Road, and that part of the community of Prime Brook south of Highway 125.