CBRM TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Prince Street reconstruction lane closures and detours

August 26, 2022  - TRAFFIC ADVISORY - SYDNEY

A busy street in Sydney is being upgraded and motorists are advised that lane closures and detours are expected.

Work for the Prince Street water main and road reconstruction project will begin Monday, August 29 and is expected to last until the end of November.

Traffic control will be in place and Prince Street be reduced to one eastbound lane (towards Welton Street) and westbound traffic (toward downtown Sydney) will be detoured via Victoria Road and Disco Street.  The work will involve a replacement of the underground water main and complete road renewal with some widening from Disco Street to Ashby Corner. There will also be asphalt replacement from Disco Street to Inglis Street.

“Building upon the ongoing work on Charlotte Street, this project will improve our key access route to the downtown. It’s great to see these projects underway and I’m looking forward to the results.” 

-Mayor Amanda McDougall 

Municipality continues to work toward negotiated agreement with inside workers union

August 17, 2022

SYDNEY, NS – Cape Breton Regional Municipality’s Mayor and Council support the bargaining process with the municipality’s inside workers. 

“Like CBRM’s accepted offer to outside workers in December, the inside workers union is being treated equally fair,” said Mayor Amanda McDougall. “We hope all issues are resolved and the municipality’s contract offer is accepted as it is in line with the agreement with the outside workers.” 

The union voted to strike on July 27 and CBRM management are exploring options for continued service delivery in the event of a strike. The public will be informed through media, social media and CBRM website about any changes to the services available and how they access them. 

“We anticipate that most services accessed by the public will continue to be provided if there is a strike action, such as 911 emergency service, 311 information service, police non-emergency and public works 24 hour contacts,” added Mayor McDougall. “Administrative activities such as payment processing, building permits and inspections will also continue.” 

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Public hearing on campground development (note time is 9:30 am)

Aug 16, 2022


Campground Development - Hornes Road, Albert Bridge

The Council of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality has scheduled a Public Hearing to consider an amendment to the CBRM Land Use By-law which would permit a campground on the property located on Hornes Road (See map).

The Public Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers, 2nd floor Civic Centre, 320 Esplanade, Sydney.

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Public input sought on boundaries and size of CBRM council

July 27, 2022

SYDNEY, NS –  Members of the public are invited to participate in an online survey and public meeting to review the size of municipal council and review the boundaries from which councillors will be elected. 

CBRM Regional Council currently has a 12-member Council elected from 12 districts and a Mayor elected at large. 

An online survey conducted by Stantec is available at www.cbrmgovernance.com

A public meeting will be held in at Centre 200 in Sydney on Monday, August 8 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm to share information and gather additional feedback from the public. The session will begin with an open house at 6:00 pm at which attendees will have the opportunity to review information on council size and the purpose of the project. At 7:00 pm, Stantec’s representative will make a presentation on the evolution of CBRM’s Council since amalgamation and feedback received from the survey and other consultation. After the presentation, the consultant will respond to questions and comments from attendees.  

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Water service disruption schedule - Charlotte Street

July 20, 2022 

Water service disruption schedule 

SYDNEY, NS – Water service will be disrupted due to ongoing Charlotte Street redevelopment. A schedule of planned shut offs is as follows:

Thursday, July 21 -  8:00 am to 5:00 pm: Water will be shut down for the entire section from Dorchester to Pitt Street to allow for building sprinkler connections to the new line.

Friday, July 22 - One at a time, individual businesses will lose water for about 15 minutes to accommodate the switch over of their domestic service to the new line. The contractor will notify the building just prior to disconnect.

Monday, July 25 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm: Water will be shut down for the entire section from Dorchester to Pitt Street to allow for building sprinkler connections to the new line.

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TRANSIT NOTICE: Detour on concert days at Wentworth Park

July 6, 2022

SYDNEY, NS - Due to the Making Waves concert at Wentworth Park on Thursday, July 7, 2022, and the associated road closure of George Street near Wentworth Park between 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm, Transit Cape Breton Routes 10 and 13 will be on detour.

Transit Cape Breton will combine these two routes into one during this time period. Transit Cape Breton will use this same detour/schedule for each Making Waves Festival Concert on Thursdays from July 7 to August 4, 2022. Starting each hour, on the hour, Route 13 leaves the transfer hub on Pitt Street, will use Charlotte Street to Townsend Street. It will detour onto George Street, then detour onto Brookland Street.

The detour will turn onto Park Street, then to Cottage Road, back onto the route on George Street. Route 13 will then complete its route as scheduled with expected delays due to the detour. Once Route 13 reaches Cottage Road/George Street, Route 13 will become Route 10. It will not return to Pitt Street transfer hub.

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New transit hub location in downtown Sydney, change to Mall shelter location

June 30, 2022 

SYDNEY, NS - Effective Monday, July 4, the Transit Cape Breton transfer hub currently located at Dorchester Street in Sydney will be relocated to Pitt Street and George Street. A new shelter and bus top location will also be in use at the Mayflower Mall. 

On Pitt Street, Route 5, Route 8, Router 10/13,  Route 11 and Route 12 will line up.

On George Street will be the CBU Express, Route 1 and Route 9. 

Impacts to Routes leaving and returning to the New Hub: 

Route 1:          Route 1 will leave George Street, turn onto Pitt Street, then turn onto Charlotte Street and follow the Route as always (See also below changes to Mayflower Mall).  On the return trip to the hub, Route 1 will follow the same route via Prince/Dodd/Dorchester but turn onto George and return to the new hub area. 

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Free Transit Cape Breton shuttle for July 1 Canada Day Night of Lights event at Open Hearth Park

June 29, 2022 

SYDNEY, NS - Transit Cape Breton is offering free shuttle service on July 1, Canada Day evening, to and from Open Hearth Park on designated routes for the Night of Lights celebration. 

Service begins at 4:00pm with buses leaving Glace Bay, New Waterford and Sydney Mines for Open Hearth Park.

The departures schedule is available below and on CBRM's Facebook page. 

Fireworks start at 10:00 pm and final buses leave at 10:20pm from Open Hearth Park to return to original departure locations. 

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Charlotte Street redevelopment begins on July 4

June 27, 2022

SYDNEY, NS – Construction work on the first phase of the $9 million redevelopment of Charlotte Street will begin on Monday, July 4.

A section of Charlotte Street between Dorchester and Pitt Street will be open to pedestrian traffic only for approximately 14 weeks.  Vehicles will return to the street when this first phase nears completion.

Work will include roadway excavation, waterline and utility installation, sidewalk construction, installation of street elements and paving of the roadway.   

“This summer we will begin to see the transformation of our historic shopping district in downtown Sydney” said Mayor Amanda McDougall. “This beautification project is a game changer for Sydney’s downtown and waterfront area. Our community can’t wait to see the results of the work ahead.” 

Businesses located between Dorchester and Pitt are open throughout Phase 1 and are accessible for pedestrian shoppers and clients. 

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Night of Lights - Canada Day 2022

CBRM Celebrates Community with Night of Lights on July 1 

Building on last year’s “Better Together” digital presentation, Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) today announced their “Night of Lights” event to take place on July 1 at Open Hearth Park in Sydney. The community event will feature a children’s stage, activities for all ages, and live music headlined by platinum selling artists Crash Test Dummies and Cape Breton’s own Carleton Stone. 

“With two years apart in the middle of the pandemic, a lot has happened in the world to change our perspectives and grow as people,” says Arts, Culture, and Creative Events Coordinator Joe Costello. “We recognize the harsh truths that have been revealed, the changes that need to be made, and we celebrate the strength, resilience, and lives of our friends, family, and neighbours as we move ahead together towards a more prosperous and understanding community. It is time for us all to come together.” 

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