Community Wells

The CBRM Water Utility has taken over three small wells which serve communities ranging from about 45 people in the Strang Road area near Centreville to as many as 250 people at Pine Tree Estates on the Old Sydney RADAR Base.

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Floral Heights Well

Floral Heights L web

Waterville Drive, Floral Heights, viewed from the southwest.

Floral Heights well L web

The well, photographed here in early February 2008.

plant 2011

New treatment plant 2011, pumps about 23 cubic metres (5000 gallons) a day to 35 homes.

Floral Heights Well Groundwater Protection Committee

It was thought that the groundwater protection plan for Floral Heights might be prepared with the help of the Middle Lake Road Well Field Committee, but that committee did not feel they knew the Floral Heights area well enough. Two of the Floral Heights water customers having experience in hydrogeology were approached but did not want to sit on a committee. The CBRM watershed coordinator and the NS Environment watershed planner reviewed all the reports on the Floral Heights well and, working with the consultants, prepared a draft document in 2013. Residents are invited to review it (please click here) and contact the watershed coordinator with recommendations.

Gardiner Mines

This community well, located off Centerville Road, pumps about 2000 gallons per day and serves fifteen homes in the Mackies Lane and Strang Road area of Gardiner Mines. The well is near the intersection of Centerville Road and the Gardiner Road at the end of Mackies Lane. The picture below shows CBRM Water Utility staff abandoning the original DEVCO well in October 2008. The well is being filled with bentonite to prevent contamination of the groundwater through the well.

abandoning old well with bentonite L web

The new well is pictured here in January 2008, protected by concrete barriers from damage by vehicles.

wellheads and concrete bunker L web

Gardiner Mines Community Well Groundwater Protection Committee

The Waterford and Kilkenny Lakes watershed advisory committee discussed helping with the Gardiner Mines protection plan because of similar concerns about contamination from acid rock drainage. However, the Waterford\Kilkenny Lakes Committee did not feel it was a good fit for them, so the CBRM watershed coordinator and the NS Environment watershed planner prepared a draft groundwater protection plan. Reviewing all the reports on the Mackies Lane well and, working with the CBRM Planning Department and CBDC staff, a draft document was prepared in is presented here for review by the community. Please contact the watershed coordinator to provde suggestions for improvement to the plan or to notify the water utilty of risks thart were not mentioned.