Glace Bay

Spillway snowshoers March 2014

A happy group of snowshoers at the spillway March 2014

MacAskill Brook Dam Reservoir

Drinking water for Glace Bay, Dominion, Reserve Mines, Tower Road, Donkin, Birch Grove, and, as of 2012, Port Morien, is supplied from the former AECL Reservoir on MacAskill Brook in Birch Grove. The MacAskill Brook Dam reservoir watershed includes all the lands and streams which drain into the reservoir and encompasses 3700 hectares (over 6600 acres).

Cow Bay road

Photography by Gerry Langille, August 2008.

Looking northeast over Cow Bay Road and the MacAskill Brook Dam Reservoir to Big Glace Bay Lake and Sand Lake in the distance.

MacAskill Brook Dam Reservoir Source Water Protection Committee

The link above takes you to the web page for the Birch Grove and Area Source Water Protection Planning Committee, who prepared Source Water Protection Plans for three sources: MacAskill Brook Dam Reservoir, Sand Lake, and John Allen Lake. Since 2012, MacAskill Brook Dam Reservoir has replaced Sand Lake and John Allen Lake.

MacAskill Brook Dam Reservoir Maps

Source Water Protection Plan

If you are interested in attending a meeting of the Birch Grove and Area SWP committee or have any questions or concerns related to the Glace Bay and Area water supply watershed please contact the watershed coordinator.

Anthony Mazzocca
Watershed Coordinator
Phone (902) 563-5551
Fax (902) 563-0882
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