TDFOE tree planting

A happy group of tree planters from TD Bank and the CBU Enactus Society. CBRM is grateful to these folks for hastening the reforestation of an old field in the Pottle Lake watershed.

Pottle Lake

Pottle Lake, the drinking water source for the urban areas of the North Side, is located west of the community of North Sydney. The Pottle Lake watershed includes all the lands and streams which drain into Pottle Lake.

Pottle aerial oblique

Photography by Gerry Langille, July 2008.

Pottle Lake watershed looking southeast over North Sydney, July 2008.

The CBRM Water Utility partners with ACAP CB to deliver our education program to the community. Tappy, our Water Utility mascot makes friends during the 2013 Cape Breton Exhibition.

Tappy at the EX 2013


If you are interested in attending a meeting of the Pottle Lake SWPP Committee or have any questions concerning watershed management please contact the watershed coordinator.


Anthony Mazzocca
Watershed Coordinator
Phone (902) 563-5551
Fax (902) 564-0481
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