Election: Candidates

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To be a candidate in either the Municipal Election or CSAP Election, you must:

- Be a Canadian Citizen at least 18 years of age at time of nomination;
- Be ordinarily resident in the municipality for 6 months preceding nomination day (i.e. since March 8th), and continues to so reside
- Have all property taxes owing as of nomination day paid and a certificate is required from our tax office (for Mayor and Councillor candidates only - not CSAP).
- And the candidate cannot be otherwise disqualified under the Municipal Elections Act or Education (CSAP) Act
- A $200 deposit is required at the time of nomination (i.e. cash, certified cheque, money order or debit)

You do not need to reside in the polling district of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality in which you wish to seek election, as long as you meet the residency requirement of six months in the municipality.

Note: In addition to meeting the general qualifications listed above, a CSAP candidate must be an "entitled parent" or "entitled person" within the meaning of sections 3(h), (i) and (t) of the Education (CSAP) Act.

Corrupt Practices:

Sections 149, 150, 151, 152, 154, 155 and 156 of the Municipal Elections Act (MEA) outline corrupt practices (click here).  All persons participating in any part of the municipal and CSAP election process, including candidates and their agents, are expected to comply with the MEA.

Advertising Materials/Signs:

All campaign material that is printed, published, broadcast or distributed, either electronically, or in hard copy, must bear the name of the person on whose behalf the ad is printed, published or distributed. Candidates must authorize all advertising material. Failure to comply with these requirements is an offence under Section 143 of the Municipal Elections Act.

Candidates should obtain the permission of the owner of the property before posting campaign signs.

Election signs and other forms of advertising are not allowed on Municipally-owned property and may be removed and destroyed without any notice to candidates or their agents.  Click here for additional information on election signs.


• Nomination Papers can be filed with the Returning Officer by appointment only from August 27th to September 4th during regular business hours.

 • Official Nomination Day is Tuesday, September  8th and nominations can be filed with the Returning Officer between 9 am and 5 pm. Even though no appointment is necessary, it is recommended that candidates make an appointment. 

• September 8th is also the deadline to name an official agent.

NOTE:  Pursuant to Section 53 of the Municipal Elections Act, before 4:00 p.m. on the day after nomination day (i.e. September 9, 2020), a candidate may appear in person (or by his/her official agent) before the Returning Officer and file a signed declaration that (s)he withdraws as a candidate and the deposit shall be forfeited.

Candidate Contributions

All contributions of $50 or over to a candidate’s campaign must be reported on Form 40 which will be provided in the Candidate’s package.  Following the Election, contribution forms are open to public inspection.

Contributions made to Municipal or CSAP candidates are not tax deductible – no tax receipts are issued. No anonymous contributions are allowed.


Form 11 - Nomination Paper (Mayor and Councillor)

Form 11B - Nomination Paper (CSAP)

Form 3 - Certificate in Respect of Liens/Taxes

Form 12 - Removal of Advertising Materials & Return of List of Electors

Form 15 - Appointment of Agent

Form 17 - Appointment of Official Agent

Form 17A - Oath or Affirmation of Official Agent

Form 40; Form 41 - Candidate Campaign Contributions Disclosure Statement

Note:  Forms are also available in French.

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