Groundwater Protection Plan

The Middle Lake Road Well Field was commissioned in 1996 and Dillon Consulting Limited developed and implemented a groundwater protection strategy at that time. A document was produced in 2006 by Dillon which updated the Groundwater Protection Strategy. Click here to view the 2006 report.

In 2007 CBRM Water Utilty hired a Watershed Coordinator who developed contacts in the groundwater contibution zone and invited them to sit on a Groundwater Protection Planning committee. A committee was fored and first met in April 2009. That committee reviewed the 2006 report and have met since then to discuss sources of contamination and assess risks.The 2013 risk assessment can be viewed by clicking here.

The Middle Lake Road well field groundwater protection planning committee consider a range of management options and have recommended the option of entering into an agreement with the Province to place CBRM well field lands under the Wilderness Protection Area Legislation. The watershed coordinator continues to update the groundwater protection strategy and anticipates that an updated groundwater protection strategy document might be uploaded to the website by the end of 2014. The 2013 implementation schedule is available here.