Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes

As outlined in the CBRM Heritage Property By-Law, the Heritage Advisory Committee is composed of a minimum of seven and a maximum of ten members appointed by Council for a term of two years. At least two members of the Committee shall be members of the Council and at least three but no more than seven members shall be members of local historical societies or individuals who have in the opinion of the Council otherwise demonstrated active concern for the preservation of buildings of historic significance.

The Heritage Advisory Committee shall assist the Council in the exercising of any power and carrying out of any duty conferred or imposed upon the Regional Municipality by the Heritage Property Act, and in particular shall advise the Council on the registration of heritage properties, on the preparation of heritage district conservation plans, and on heritage matters generally.

CBRM Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes (Laserfiche)

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The Council of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality approved the Heritage Conservation District Plan (521 kB) and By-law (1.64 MB) for the North End of Sydney. Questions regarding heritage property issues should be directed to the Heritage Officer at telephone 902-563-5072 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..