CBRM Water Facts

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality Water Utility supplies water to a population of 81,000 people, around the clock, 365 days a year.

It is our job to operate, maintain and manage 5 water treatment plants, 6 pumping stations, 11 water storage tanks, 8 sources of supply, 770 kilometres of water lines, 2,900 fire hydrants, 28,700 water meters and thousands of valves.

CBRM Water Utility delivers tap water which meets or exceeds some of the highest national safety standards for drinking water in Canada.

Tap water delivers a basic necessity of life. Tap water also delivers pubilc health, sanitation, fire protection, recreation and quality of life.

The CBRM Water Utility is Committed To Quality, and as such provides safe reliable service to all its customers.

Treatment and PumpingSource of SupplyGallons Pumped Per DayArea ServedTotal Water ServicesPopulation
Sydney Middle Lake Well Field 3,000,000 Sydney,Grand Lake Road, Mira Road, Prime Brook, Sydney River, Coxheath, Westmount, Edwardsville, Membertou, South Bar, Lingan Road, Pine Tree Park 9,400 26,670
Glace Bay MacAskill's Brook Dam 1,850,000 Glace Bay, Dominion, Reserve Mines, Tower Road, Donkin, Port Caledonia, Birch Grove, Port Morien 8,425 23,760
Northside Pottle Lake 2,500,000 North Sydney, Sydney Mines, Upper North Sydney, Alder Point, Balls Creek, Bras d'Or, Florence, Georges River, Leitches Creek, Little Bras d'Or, Little Pond, Mill Creek, Point Aconi 6,730 18,900
New Waterford Waterford and Kilkenny Lake 1,100,000 New Waterford, Scotchtown, River Ryan, New Victoria, Lingan 3,610 10,100
Louisbourg Kelly Lake 275,000 Louisbourg, Fortress of Louisbourg 510 1,430
Floral Heights Well 5,000 Floral Heights 35 100
Gardiner Mines Well 2,000 Strang Road area 14 40
Total   8,732,000   28,724 81,000

                                                                                                                          Information updated to June 2015

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