hydrantThe CBRM Water Utility manages and maintains 2,900 hydrants in 40 communities in 5 different water distribution systems in CBRM.

A fire hydrant serves two purposes; for fire protection and as a flushing port for the distribution system.

The CBRM Water Utility is committed to providing safe drinking water to over 81,000 residents. The Utility must also protect the infrastructure to ensure water safety is not compromised.

Therefore, the Water Utility prohibits the unauthorized use of a fire hydrant, as follows:

No person shall draw water from a hydrant without the permission of the Water Utility.

Unauthorized use of a hydrant may cause unseen damage to the hydrant or the underlying infrastructure, which could have deadly consequences during a fire.

Contractors or persons with inquiries regarding hydrant access or bulk water requirements are directed to contact the Water Supervisor in appropriate Public Works Division. [link to bulk water procedure]

Hydrant Flushing

The Water Utility flushes the distribution system twice a year. Hydrant flushing is necessary to ensure water quality and flow of water throughout the distribution system. The flushing program is done in the spring and again in the fall and includes inspection and testing of hydrants.

Customers may experience low water pressure or discoloration while Utility staff complete the flushing program. Residents are encouraged to monitor their water before staring laundry, especially whites. Water will remain safe to use at all times.


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