Municipal Water Connection Procedure

  1. Apply For Water Service: Make an application for connection to the municipal water supply the Citizen Service Center, 320 Esplanade, Sydney. The property owner's name*, mailing address for billing, the civic address and an approved building permit (where applicable) are required. There are no fees for a standard 3/4" service connection. If the application is for a service larger than a 3/4" line, fees will be applied.
  2. Get The Water Meter: Meters provided at the CSC are standard 5/8-3/4" water meters.Where a larger water service is required, an appropriately sized meter will be supplied by the Meter Department following an evaluation of the requirements. All meters are equipped with a small transmitter which allows the Utility to read the meter from the street, therby eliminating the requirement to access the property to read the meter.There is no fee for the meter, regardless of the size.
  3. Install The Water Lateral: Public Works will install the water lateral from the water main to the property line, including the Utility's service valve. The customer is reponsible to have the section of the water lateral installed from the Utility's service valve at the property line into the buildling. Where a water lateral is already in place, the water service can only be turned on by authorized Public Works personnel.
  4. Install The Water Meter:The meter must be installed at the point where the waer service pipe enters the building, just past the internal shut-off valve.  IT MUST BE PROTECTED FROM FREEZING. A customer may be charged for a replacement meter which has been damaged by freezing conditions or other damages. The meter must be installed before the water service is turned on. All meters are the property of the Water Utility and the customer must provide reasonable access for testing, inspection or replacement.
  5. Call For Water Turn On: Contact the Public Works Division in the area to have the water service turned on. Someone must be at home and the meter must be installed when the water is turned on.
  6. Meter Reading: Meter are read every three months and water bills are sent 4 times a year. Payment in full is due within 30 days of billing.

Water must be turned on by authorized CBRM personnel; you or your contractor or your plumber are not permitted to operate the curb stop. 24 hour notice is required for a water turn on/off.

*The Utility allows the owner to provide a mailing address that includes a "care of (C/O)" component. This does not transfer the owner's liability for payment to the person or entity identified in part of the mailing address.

Water Utility  
Meter Reading/Repair Department 563-5282
Water Billing 563-5025
Citizen Service Center  
Civic Center 320 Esplanade, Sydney 563-5080
Public Works Divisions  
Central Division 563-5255
North Division 794-5692
East Division Glace Bay 842-1171
East Division New Waterford 862-6446
Louisbourg 733-2495

Note: There is a $50.00 charge for water services turn on /off after 4:00 p.m. and on weekends in Central Division and after 3:00 p.m. in East and North Divisions.

Bulk Water

Bulk water is available from the Public Works building at 15 Massey Drive, Sydney.