Collection Notices/Cancellations

The Solid Waste Department will post important Curbside Collection CANCELLATIONS or NOTICES in this section. Collection information will also be posted using social media or by pressing Option #2 available when you contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337.




FREE Safe Sharps Drop-Off at the Sydney Mines Fire Department: Monday, July 15, 2024 

CBRM Solid Waste is hosting a Free Used Safe Sharps Drop-Off at the Sydney Mines Fire Department on Elliot Street, Sydney Mines.  The Free Used Safe Sharps Drop-Off takes place on Monday, July 15 from 10am to 2pm. Rain or Shine

Remember, used needles, lancets and other sharps DO NOT get disposed of in the garbage, blue bags or green cart for disposal.  If you do not have a way to dispose of needles, please give the hotline a call at 902-567-1337.

Be safe with your Used Sharps and Dispose of them Properly!

 Another safe sharps event in the Fall 2024 events


Securing loads:  Enforcement Update

The constable continues to monitor loads to make sure they are properly tarped and secure when travelling on roads or streets.  This work started on May 14, 2024 and will be on-going.  As of July 5, he's viewed over 2000 vehicles and has only issued 5 warnings.  No tickets have been issued.

 securing your load monioring picture 2


IMPORTANT: Secure your Materials When Travelling on Roads, Streets or Highways


It is common to see vehicles traveling on streets, roads or highways hauling materials to CBRM’s Waste Management Facility. Some drivers may forget to properly secure and/or tarp their materials, which could cause debris to escape along the way. When bringing items to one of CBRM’s waste management sites, please make sure your materials are tied down, secure and/or covered before leaving. Materials from an unsecure load can shift, become loose, move around and escape from a moving vehicle which becomes a hazard to other drivers, leading to unsightly litter and possibly legal repercussions.

To stop this, the enforcement officer for the solid waste department will be issuing a ticket to any driver arriving at the Waste Management Site with an unsecure load. This initiative will be ongoing.


Suggestions for securing and covering your load:

  • Cover your load with a tarp and securely fasten the tarp to the vehicle.  
  • Use a tarp large enough to completely cover your trailer or truck bed so the materials inside are covered and can not escape from the moving vehicle.
  • Tie down and secure items directly to your vehicle with ropes, bungee cords, netting or straps. 
  • Re-check your load before you drive. Loads can shift and settle while traveling on roads, streets or highways. 


  • Each time you use your vehicle, check the back of your truck or trailer to make sure there is no loose garbage that could blow around and escape when traveling on roads, streets and/or highways.
  • Tie down and secure large items when transporting them.  
  • Make sure your material is securely tied down, can not shift, catch the wind or pop out while vehicle is in motion. 
  • Place lighter items underneath heavier items to help keep them in place. 
  • Balance the weight to make it even; avoid being top heavy. 
  • Make sure your truck or trailer bed does not have a hole or tear where debris can escape. 
  • Remove any loose material that may remain in the trailer or truck bed before leaving the waste management site.  


Northside Public Drop-Off Site:  Open Saturday, August 3, 2024

The Northside Public Drop-Off Site located off King Street in North Sydney is OPEN Saturday, August 3 from 8am to 2:45pm.


Curbside Collection Reminder: Are you Using Clear Garbage Bags?

Residents are reminded a maximum of five garbage bags can be placed out for curbside collection each week. Please remember, only one garbage bag you use should be dark. Any additional garbage bags you place out for collection each week must be CLEAR.

For more information on Garbage collection requirements visit:


2024 Northside Public Drop-Off Site Schedule

The Northside Public Drop-off Site located off King Street in North Sydney is open the first Saturday of each month from 8am to 2:45pm.  The Northside Public Drop-Off site will be open the following Saturdays in 2024:

Saturday, August 3, 2024

Saturday, September 7, 2024

Saturday, October 5, 2024

Saturday, November 2, 2024

Saturday, December 7, 2024


Seasonal Leaf and Yard Drop-Off Sites

The seasonal leaf and yard drop-off sites located in North Sydney, New Waterford and Glace Bay opened for the 2024 season the Week of May 12, 2024.


Residents can continue to bring tree debris and other leaf and yard waste to the Waste Management Site on SPAR road in Sydney year-round 8am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Fionna tree debris 2022

For more information on the seasonal schedule for the leaf and yard drop-off sites visit To find out what's accepted for disposal at the season leaf and yard drop-off sites visit

Leaf and yard waste picture 2021

Curbside Collection Disposal Reminder:

Solid Waste Department reminds residents tissues, masks, disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves and bathroom products (i.e. hygiene products, diapers) get disposed of in your regular garbage. These items do not get disposed of in the blue bags or in the green cart.

Curbside Collection:

Residents can place a maximum of 5 clear garbage bags curbside per week. Residents are permitted to substitute one clear garbage bag with one dark bag each week. For example,  if your household has three garbage bags to place out for your collection day, only one of those three garbage bags can be dark, if your household chooses to continue using an optional dark garbage bag each week.


Important Winter Collection Reminder: 

If your Garbage, Green Carts and/or Blue Bags are not collected during scheduled collections, you are asked to remove your materials from the curb. 

• Extra garbage and green cart material will be collected on your areas next regularly scheduled collection day.

• Blue bags will be collected on your areas next regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.


Important Green Cart Reminder During Windstorms

Please make sure your green cart is secure during wind events. 


Curbside Collection Reminder: Food waste & table scraps

CBRM Solid Waste reminds residents all food waste and table scraps must be placed in a green cart for disposal curbside. Garbage bags containing food waste and table scraps will be tagged and left behind uncollected for residents to properly sort.


If Storm Watches Are In Effect?

CBRM Solid Waste reminds residents the decision to cancel curbside collection is not normally made until the morning of a forecasted weather event. If you are concerned, about curbside collection taking place when there is a storm watch in effect, you can choose not to place your materials curbside.

• EXTRA garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area's next regularly scheduled collection day.

• Blue bags will be collected on your area’s NEXT regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.


Curbside Collection Cancellations

If CURBSIDE COLLECTION is cancelled on your area’s regularly scheduled collection day, please remove ALL your materials from the curb.

• EXTRA garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area’s next regularly scheduled collection day.

• Blue bags will be collected on your area's NEXT regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.


Residents who have questions about curbside collection are encouraged to contact 311.  You are also encouraged to download the Solid Waste App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  Check it out to sign up for weekly collection notifications, updates and/or to view you area's collection schedule.