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Divert Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit corporation championing recycling in Nova Scotia. For over 20 years they have helped build a culture of recycling through environmental stewardship, education, and programming that has made Nova Scotia a recognized global innovator in waste diversion solutions. They work in partnership with business, like minded organizations, government and academia to foster stewardship, fund innovation, educate Nova Scotians and support municipal waste management programs province-wide. They are always looking for opportunities to improve our province's environment and economy.  

The CBRM Solid Waste Department works in partnership with Divert NS to educate our residents, schools, institutions and businesses about waste management. Waste Reducation Educators are available to provide assistance with waste management, complete visual waste assessments or provide presentations.  If interested, you are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline (902)567-1337.



Solid Waste Education:

A Great Example of School Recycling

Staff and students at John Bernard Croak Memorial School, located in Glace Bay, sets the bar high when it comes to waste management. The schools’ principal, Shauna White can be found most afternoons going from classroom to classroom to make sure the lunch waste has been sorted and disposed of properly. This unique approach performed each afternoon by the principal shows the students how important recycling is at this school. Great job JB Croak Memorial.

John bernard Croak Memorial School in Glace Bay


Litter Stands Out!

Let's all do our part to keep our commuity litter free.

Litter Stands out on Road Ways littler campaign.jpg 2023

For more information visit https://divertns.ca/litter


2021 Mobius Award Champions:   Highlighting the Champions From Cape Breton Island

The annual Mobius Awards of Environmental Excellence recognize the achievements of innovative Nova Scotians who have helped make our province a leader in waste reduction.  Due to the pandemic, the awards were done a little differently to honor and celebrate the environmental accomplishments of this year's recipients.

This year, the Mobius Awards present a celebration of Champions who, despite a global pandemic, never gave up on their environmental actions and even took on new waste-reducing initiatives and habits.  Their continued dedication and unwavering efforts to continue with their environmental activities continue to inspire our province.

The Solid Waste Department is proud to announce the Cape Breton Mobius Award Champions for 2021! Visit https://divertns.ca/2021-mobius-award-champions to learn more about the champions from Cape Breton Island and the rest of Nova Scotia.

Delio’s Property Maintenance Service Ltd.

Congratulations to Paul Delio, Owner of Delio’s Property Maintenance Service Ltd and his staff. Paul at Delio’s Property Maintenance Services Ltd. works hard to ensure municipal and provincial waste management regulations are respected. He passionately educates the community and will refuse to pick up waste until it is properly sorted. To learn more about this year's recipients visit https://divertns.ca/2021-mobius-award-champions

Thank you Paul Delio for continuing to make waste management an important feature of the services you provide CBRM residents.

 Delio picture


New Dawn Enterprises

Congratulations to New Dawn Enterprises on thier environmental achievements during the past year. New Dawn Enterprises is a large non-profit private, volunteer-directed social enterprise dedicated to building Nova Scotia’s first net-zero community which they hope will function as a model for clean energy growth. Learn more by visiting: https://divertns.ca/2021-mobius-award-champions

Thank you for your organization's commitment and dedication to reduce your organizations environmental footprint as you operate and provide important services to our community.

New Dawn Enterprises picture


The Gypsum Mine Trail

Congratulations to the volunteers on this committee who dedicate their time to make sure the Gypsum Mine Trail remains pristine and beautiful.  The Gypsum Mine Trail committee volunteer their time to empty waste and recycling bins, clean up litter, and educate the community to “pack it in, pack it out”.  They are a leading example in trail management across Cape Breton Island. Learn more by visiting: https://divertns.ca/2021-mobius-award-champions

Thank you for remaining committed to maintaining the beauty of this trail by making sure litter does not become part of the experience visitors are exposed to while visiting the trail. 

Gymsum Mine Trail Committee 

Waste Reduction Education: Free Classroom Presentations by a Waste Reduction Educator

Do you want help teaching about reducing, reusing, and recycling, or want to book a virtual guest speaker for your classroom, business, or community group?

Contact the local waste educator for CBRM. Their services are provided for free through funding from Divert NS.

To contact a waste educator in your area, visit: https://divertns.ca/local-waste-educators

 Promoting School Presentations 2021


Recycling Your Electronics Responsibly

Do you have unused or unwanted electronics? Instead of throwing them away, consider donating them or giving them to a friend.

If your electronics are beyond repair and reached the end of their useful life, recycle them by taking advantage of industry-led programs, such as EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Association). EPRA responsibly recycles end-of-life electronics at no additional cost.

To learn more about recycling electronics or the EPRA program visit: https://divertns.ca/electronics

 Electronics Recycling Program 2021


Recycling Your Paint Responsibly

In Nova Scotia, all municipalities provide curbside paper and plastic recycling collection, and over 95% also offer curbside composting. You can recycle other items as well, including beverage containers, old tires, paint, textiles, and hazardous waste. To learn more about other recyclable materials, visit: https://divertns.ca/paint

Paint Recycling graphic


Returning Your Refundables

When you return beverage containers to your local #EnviroDepot, not only do you get your $$ refund, you are also supporting a small business and helping protect our environment! To locate a depot in CBRM visit: https://divertns.ca/find-depot

Beverage Container Program 2021


Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Have empty alcohol containers from the long weekend? Support a #circulareconomy by returning them through your local return program.

Every container counts! Learn why in our infographic with The Beer Store



Waste Reduction Week Circular Economy