Solid Waste Management Information


About the Solid Waste Department

The Solid Waste Department oversees Solid Waste Management in CBRM. The department is responsible for collecting, managing, processing, disposing and/or shipping solid waste generated by the Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sectors.

The department accepts, manages, processes and properly ships or disposes, of Construction and Demolition Debris. A tipping fee is assigned to the C&D materials received from the ICI sector.

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Curbside Collection Reminder: Are you Using Clear Garbage Bags?

Residents are reminded a maximum of five garbage bags can be placed out for curbside collection each week. Please remember, only one garbage bag you use should be dark. Any additional garbage bags you place out for collection each week must be CLEAR.

For more information on Garbage collection requirements visit:


Reporting a Damaged Green Cart

It is important to regularly inspect your green cart for damage. If you notice holes, openings, cracks, missing vents or wheels, cracked lifts or lid damage, please contact the Solid Waste Department to report damage. Phoneline educators will record your information and add your civic address to the department’s Green Cart Assessment List. To contact the hotline, phone (902) 567-1337.  Educators are available to respond to inquiries 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

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Reporting an Illegal Dumpsite

Illegal dumping is a crime in CBRM. Residents who witness illegal dumping or locates an illegal dumpsite is encouraged to report it to CBRM’s Waste Management Hotline at (902)567-1337. The Solid Waste Department has a full-time constable on staff who investigates all reported dumpsites. You can also report illegal dumping by using the solid waste mobile app. The form is available in the Need Help Section of the App. Check it out today by downloading the Solid Waste App from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. 

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Litter Stands Out

Let's do our part to keep our community clean. 

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For more information on litter, visit

Litter Cleanups

Are you interested in picking up litter around your neighborhood? If so, contact the Solid Waste Hotline at (902) 567-1337. The solid waste department will provide bags and gloves to individuals and groups interested in doing a litter cleanup. If we all work together, we can make a difference.  Let's keep CBRM Clean and Beautiful.  For more information on making litter a thing of the past, contact the hotline today! 

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Curbside Collection: Inclement Weather Reminder


If a weather forecast is predicting unfavorable conditions and it is your collection day, you can choose to hold onto your materials until your area’s next regularly scheduled collection day. 


  • EXTRA garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area’s next regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Blue bags will be collected on your area's next regularly scheduled blue bag collection week. 


If you decide to place your materials curbside during inclement weather, it is your responsibility to make sure the material remains secure at the curb.   At the end of your collection day, if your material is not collected, please remove it from the curb. It is your responsibility to remove any uncollected materials at the end of your collection day.

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Rodent Prevention: Helpful hints and tips

Rodent Proof Property


  • Avoid leaving pet food bowls outside for long periods of time. Food bowls should be removed when your pet has finished eating. Avoid leaving the dish out overnight.
  • Avoid leaving pet water bowls out overnight. At the end of each day when your pet is taken in for the night, you are encouraged to take in water bowls.
  • Wood piles should be kept a distance from your home.
  • Scan your property for possible areas where rats may hide or seek out shelter. Get rid of or move objects that may make it easy for rodents to find shelter. If these objects are something you can’t eliminate move them to an area that is not close to your home.


Rodent Proof Garbage Containers, Cans or Bins

Holes, cracks, or small openings in wooden bins are an easy way for rodents to get inside your garbage container or garbage bin. Regularly inspect these containers for damage.


Garbage Containers

  • Make sure garbage containers are secure. Keep the lids tightly closed when not in use.
  • Frequently check around garbage containers or boxes to make sure there are no new holes, cracks, or small openings that could make it easier for rodents to get inside.
  • Avoid storing garbage containers near structures such as stairs or wood piles. These structures may make it easier for rodents to get inside.

 Rodent Proof Green Cart

Holes, cracks, or missing vents in your green cart is an easy way for rodents to get inside your green cart. Regularly inspect these containers for damage.

 Green Cart

  • Place your green cart out for curbside collection each week even if you only have a small amount of food waste stored inside your cart for disposal.
  • Rodents are attracted to food. Placing your cart out for collection every week for emptying reduces the length of time food is left inside the cart decomposing.
  • Avoid storing your green cart near structures such as stairs or wood piles. These structures provide an easy way for rodents to gain access to the green cart.
  • Regularly inspect your green cart. Look around vents and near wheels for holes, bite marks, and/or scrapes.

****** If you notice your green cart is damaged such as holes or openings near the bottom of your green cart, vents are missing, or there are small openings, please contact the waste management hotline at (902)567-1337 to report green cart damage. ******


Secure your Garbage Containers and Green Cart

  • Make sure any containers you use for storing garbage outside is secure. Keep lids or tops tightly closed when not in use.
  • Make sure your green cart is always secure when not in use. Keep cart standing upright and make sure the lid remains closed when not in use.
  • Inspect outside garbage containers or boxes regularly to make sure there are no holes, cracks, or openings for rodents to get inside.
  • Inspect your green cart regularly. Check near the wheels and vents to make sure there are no new holes or cracks. Check to make sure vents do not contain small openings or have gone missing.


Green Cart Maintenance

  • Regularly rinse out your green cart following collection to reduce odors.
  • Line your green carts with newsprint or boxboard to reduce the chance of food waste aticking or freezing inside the cart.  It is normal for some wet or moist food waste to remain inside green cart following collection.


Divert NS:  Rude To Our Food:

Check out the Divert NS's new Rude to Our Food Campaign.  The videos and lesson plans are now available at .

The videos can also be accessed directly from the Divert NS YouTube channel.

New curriculm package for Grade 6 Students Website 2021


CBRM's 2024 Personalized Waste Collection Calendar

Your 2024 personalized Waste Collection Calendar is now available.  Download Now!


CBRM's Waste Sorting Tool

Waste Wizard Promotion Tool


Waste Reduction Education: Free Classroom Presentations by a Waste Reduction Educator

Do you want help teaching about reducing, reusing, and recycling, or want to book a guest speaker for your classroom, business, or community group?

Contact one of the local waste reduction educators available in CBRM for more information. 


To contact a waste educator in your area, visit:

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Nova Scotia Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban:

The province of Nova Scotia has banned the Single-Use Plastic Bag! Since October 30, 2020, businesses are no longer permitted to hand out single-use plastic bags at checkouts. Please remember to bring your own reusable bag.

For more information on the single use plastic bag ban please visit:

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Curbside Collection Disposal Reminder:

Residents are reminded tissues, masks, disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves and bathroom products (i.e. hygiene products, diapers) get disposed of in with your regular garbage. These items do not get disposed of in the blue bags or in the green cart


Curbside Collection: Clear Garbage Bags

Residents can place a maximum of five clear garbage bags curbside per week for collection. A resident can choose to replace one clear garbage bag with an optional dark garbage bag per week. 


Solid Waste Management Facility: Location and Hours of Operation


The Solid Waste Management Facility is located on 145 Sydney Port Access Road (Spar Road) in Sydney.


Hours of Operation

The Facility is OPEN from 8:00am to 4:00pm Tuesday to Saturday and remains CLOSED each Sunday and Monday.


Solid Waste Management Administration Office

The Administration Office is open 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.


Waste Management Hotline

Residents who have questions are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337. Educators are available to respond to inquiries 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.  Phoning after hours?  Please leave your name, telephone number and a message so an educator can return your call on the next business day.

Contacting the Solid Waste Department 

Waste Management Hotline:  (902) 567-1337

CBRM Website:

Solid Waste Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: @CBRMgov

Facebook: CBRM Official Site

Collection App:  Residents are also encouraged to download the Waste App from the Apple Store or Google Play store.  Check it out and sign up for weekly collection reminders, updates and/orto view your area's collection schedule.  Visit to start using today.