Residential Household Special Waste Program

Household Special Waste Program

CBRM's Solid Waste Department operates a permanent Residential Household Special Waste Depot that is available to all residents of the CBRM.


CBRM's residential HSW Depot is located at 345 Gulf Crescent in Edwardsville.

Operating Schedule:

Residents can drop off HSW materials between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.

CBRM's HSW depot is designed to accept only residentially generated materials. Institutions, Commercial Businesses and Industries that have Hazardous Waste materials to dispose of are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337 for disposal options.


CBRM's Residential Household Special Waste Program:

CBRM's household special waste disposal program provides CBRM residents with an option to safely dispose of hazardous materials that must not be placed curbside for collection.


Disposal of Household Special Waste Materials:

Residential household special waste would include any products that contain any of the following warnings Poisonous, Corrosive, Explosive or Flammable marked on their labels. Containers still containing product should not be placed in the garbage, blue bags or green cart for disposal. Placing these types of materials curbside for collection can be dangerous to collectors and staff who have to collect and handle these materials.

CBRM residents who have unwanted or unused household special waste materials that they would like to dispose of are encouraged to bring them to CBRM's Household Special Waste Depot for safe handling and disposal. There is no cost to drop off your unused or unwanted HSW materials at CBRM's residential HSW Depot.


Materials Accepted at CBRM's Household Special Waste Depot:

CBRM's HSW Depot will accept:
Thinners Cleaners Pesticides/Herbicides/Insecticides Fluorescent tubes (straight only)
Batteries Propane Cylinders (Small only) Keroscene Pool chemicals
Antifreeze Adhesives Solvents Aerosal sprays
Wood preservatives Floor and furniture waxes Other  

 Please note:  latex and oil based paint may be returned to an Enviro-Depot located in CBRM.


Return left over paint to any ENVIRO-DEPOTTM free of charge. The Enviro-Depots located in CBRM include:

Glace Bay Recycling Ltd. 204 Reserve Street, Glace Bay
New Waterford Recyclers 5559 UNion Highway, River Ryan
Keltic Recycling Inc. 434 Keltic Drive, Sydney River
North Sydney Recycling Ltd. 66 Memorial Drive, North Sydney
Total Recycling 50 Industrial Drive, Sydney
Triple B Recycler 448 Prince Street, Sydney
Whitney Pier Enviro-Depot 885 Victoria Road, Sydney


Residents can also return certain batteries to participating local retailers. For a list of retailers in CBRM please visit


Materials NOT ACCEPTED at CBRM's Household Special Waste Depot:

CBRM's HSW Depot will not accept:
Petroleum products Bio-medical waste Unidentifiable materials
Gas/Oil mixes Asbestos Radioactive waste
PCB's Commercial, Inudstrial or Institutional waste Explosives including ammunition and fireworks


Residents are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337 if they require disposal options for materials not accepted at CBRM's HSW Depot


Guidelines for Disposing of Household Special Waste materials:

  • Contents should be kept in the original container.


  • If the container is old and damaged, transfer contents to a safe container and label the new container so contents can be correctly identified. When possible, save the original container so you can take it with you to the HSW depot.


  • Do not mix different materials in the same container.


  • Place all items to be disposed of in a box and place them in your trunk or truck bed when transporting them to the HSW depot.


  • Do not dispose of HSW materials in the garbage or pour contents of container down the drain, storm sewers or on the ground. Bring these items to the HHW Depot for free disposal.


  • When you arrive at the Facility, please report to the main office.